Turn PDF Into Online Activity for Kids Free: Teacher Made

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Teacher Made is a free website to turn PDFs into online activities for kids. Here think of this website like Google Forms but instead of forms, you create an activity by creating editable PDFs from templates and distribute them among your class. Students can complete the activity, submit it, and you will receive the responses that you can analyze and score them based on the performance of each student.

All you need is a PDF activity template and with the help of Teacher Made, you can turn it into an editable online webpage. You can add text boxes and other fields on the PDF in which students will write the answers. Teacher Made offers all the tools you need to create an online activity from PDFs.

You can add text boxes, check boxes, drop-downs, open answer, multiple choice, Math, text and some others. You can place these elements anywhere on the uploaded PDF activity template. Finally, it will render all that as a webpage that you can share with your students to fill out. There is an option for automatic grading, but you can also score the received sheets individually as well.

Convert PDF Into Online Activity for Kids Free Teacher Made

Turn PDF Into Online Activity for Kids Free: Teacher Made

To start turning PDFs into online activities, you will need to sign up for a free account of Teacher Made. The free plan is generous enough to have all the essential features included. But for having more advanced features, you will have to upgrade to the paid plan.

You can create the PDF activity to be submitted from the scratch in any PDF editor software. Or, you can download read-made activities for students from other websites, and they are usually free. One of the best places to find those activities for kids is Canva. Even though, it is an online graphics editor, but it offers thousands of free PDF activities for teachers. You can browse all PDF activity templates for teachers on Canva here.

Canva PDF Worksheet Templates

So, download the worksheet template, and then you just have to submit it to Teacher Made. Create your first activity worksheet on Teacher Made website and then upload the PDF documents. Additionally, you will have to specify a title and a description.

Teacher Made create worksheet

Next, it will open your PDF worksheet in the editor. Here you can now add different fields on the document that students will have to fill out. All the tools are in the toolbar, and you just select a tool and simply add it to the document.

Teacher Made Editor

After you are done with the editing work, just close the worksheet. And then create a new assignment. Give your assignment a name and specify how you want to deliver it. The free plan has only “Teacher Made” option, but you can have others when you upgrade.

Teacher Made Create Assignment

In the next step, you have to specif the grading options. Here you can opt to score the assignments automatically and manually. Based on your choice, you specify the relevant options. Also, if you want to disable editing by students on the assignment hen you can do that as well.

Teacher Made Assignment Created

Finally, it will give you link to the online activity that it has generated from the PDF you submitted. Distribute this link among your students and then can sign in via their Google account to submit the assignment, and you will receive the responses in the same window.

Teacher Made submission and link

The online activity assignment look like below on students end.

Teacher Made Student View

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful website to convert any PDF to an online activity for kids. This is really a gem of a tool for teachers to quickly create and distribute assignments. It will make the learning fun and simpler. The free plan is good enough but if you need advanced features them consider upgrading.

Closing thoughts:

In this pandemic where schools are being run online and teachers have a lot on their plate already; this website will bring much ease to them. They can quickly create assignments as online activities and distribute among students. The Best part is that it includes a grading system. It will definitely make the life of teachers easier, and you can also use custom PDF templates to create online activities.

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