Online remote employee monitoring tool to take snaps at regular intervals

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Workspace is a free online remote employee monitoring tool to take snaps at regular intervals. Here it is great tool for remote teams and remote employees to increase the feeling of their presence. This online tool uses the attached web camera and then takes snaps after a fixed interval if time, set by you. Also, if you want then you can set the refresh rate to manual. Basically, it creates a video chat room but without chat and you can see all your teammates there. It even lets you opt for live mode and has a built in dark theme.

If you are working with a team and your teammates are located at different geo locations then you can use this simple tool. You just have to create a room by using a name and then share that URL with anyone you want. All the people when they join that room, will start seeing each other. However, this website here currently works with Chrome only. You just create a room and then start keeping an eye on all the members in your team. Simple as that.

Using this Online Remote Employee Monitoring tool to take Snaps at Regular Intervals:

There is no need for sign up or registration to use this tool. You just reach the main website from here and then create a room there. And then copy the URL of the tool and then share with your other teammates. But make sure to tell your teammates to use Chrome browser and keep the tab in which the room is opened active.

Workspace create a room

As your teammates join, you will start seeing footage from their respective webcams. You can see the screenshot below. Also, you can see a few options to tweak some setting there such as interval, theme, and live mode. All the options are visible to all the participants in the room. They can opt for different options on their side and as well.

WorkSpace in action

That is it. In this way, you can use this simple and useful tool for remote teams. It works fine when it comes to monitor your teammates. You can feel their presence and make sure that they are there when you need them.

Closing thoughts

In my opinion, Workspace is a great online tool that you can use to keep an eye on your teammates. This can also be used in cases when you are working with your employs when they are at different locations. So no matter what use case you have to use this simple tool, you just go and give it a try.

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