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JotForm is a free web-based form builder. With this service the user can create forms in various formats and sizes. The user can add a number of elements in the form to accommodate the details that have to be entered in this online form creation software. All this can be done according to the needs of the user and purpose for which the form is intended to be used. It’s a good Google Forms alternative.

Once you have created a form, you can create a stand-alone page for that, or even embed that in your website.


JotForm contains a number of features and options to add the various elements in a form like:

  • Headings and  Text boxes.
  • Buttons such as Radio Buttons, submit buttons, file upload button,
  • Menus and options like Drop down menus, various kinds of selection menus etc.,

All these can be done in a few mouse clicks on the interface and these elements can be positioned on the form by dragging and dropping them at the desired locations.

Further, JotForm contains a number of options to tweak the design of the form that is being created.

Some of the formatting options for online forms include:

  • Changing the color and Font of the text that is present in various elements in the form.
  • Changing the size and the background color of the form.
  • Embedding themes into the forms.

Further this tool has built-in options to add some common sections such as the:

  • Address section, Section for Emails, Phone numbers
  • Adding survey form elements such as star rating boxes, scale rating boxes, page breaks, sliders, Ranges etc.
  • Include some common form elements such as date-time box, Password box, Captcha box etc., which are very handy during the form design.
  • One other great feature is that  the user can also add options to include Payment Wizards with the Forms. For example, a form element collecting the user details for Paypal based payment can be created, just with simple mouse clicks.
  • The user can save the forms created from time- to- time. The options to edit each of the form sections and customize them is also available. Further the user can save the form and generate a URL corresponding to the page onto which the form will be loaded. The user can view the form on the browser by using this URL.

All these features make JotForm, an extremely resourceful tool to create and post web forms for various web applications.

Also check out online notes tools like Flexadex, and Notefish.

With this intuitive online Form builder tool, the usually tedious process of creating forms just got easier. One great advantage in using JotForm is that this free online Form building tool is full of intuitive features and options that allows the user to create a form with almost any functionality and any kind of form section including the product selling/ payment gateway form options. These street smart features make JotForm, a unique online tool to create forms effortlessly

Try JotForm and start creating online forms

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