How to Share Files Privately without Losing Ownership?

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In this article, I’ll cover a free method to share files privately without losing ownership. Generally, when you share a file online, it gets uploaded to a server and then the person you are sharing it with can get the file from there. In such a scenario, you don’t have the full ownership of your file. The company that providing the server can access your file. Even if they assured you about the data privacy there are still threats like a data breach, hacking, etc.

envelop is a blockchain-based file sharing app where you have the ownership of your file. This app is built upon the Blockstack platform which provides a decentralized and fully encrypted network where you can share files privately without the involvement of any third party. You can upload your file to this app and send the file URL to share it with others. Once the recipient(s) gets the file, you can delete it from the network.

envelop uploads and distributes your file on the decentralized network in a fully encrypted form. No one can access your file except with whom you share the file URL. And once you delete the file, It’s completely gone without leaving any traces behind. envelop also has an Android app to share files on the go with your mobile phone. With that said, let’s see how to set up and use this app.

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Share Files Privately without Losing Ownership

envelop is built upon the Blockstack platform so you need a Blockstack ID to use this app. If you don’t have a Blockstack ID, you can create one here. Once you have the ID, use that to sign in to this app. This sign-in process is the same for the web app and the mobile app.

share files without losing ownership

After logging in to the envelop app, you get an empty canvas with an upload button at the bottom corner. With this button, you can upload your files to this app. Do note that, you can only upload one file at a time, it doesn’t support bulk upload. But, you can upload as many files as you want one by one.

share files without losing ownership 2

Once a file is uploaded, it gives you a file URL which you can send to others to share the file privately. The screenshot attached below shows a preview of the file share link. By opening the link, the recipient can download the file.

share files without losing ownership 3

After the recipient(s) gets the file, you can delete it from the app. To do that, click the 3-dot option on top of the file and select the delete option. Once the file is deleted, the file URL gets voided and leads to an empty page.

Give this private file sharing app a try here.

Wrap Up

envelop is a handy app to share files privately with others without losing the file ownership. This provides you an encrypted and secure platform to share files privately over the internet. You can simply share files from your PC or phone and delete them afterward.

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