Get Facebook Page Insights To Know Fan Penetration Rate, Spam Rate

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Update 2022: Komfo doesn’t exist anymore. We recommend you use some other tool to explore Facebook page insights.

Komfo is a free website to get full Facebook page insights report. By it, you can know the fan penetration rate, viral amplification posts rate, click through rate, and spam score. All of this info can be very crucial for you in analyzing your Facebook page content and you will get to know the performance of your Facebook page. I will tell you more about these performance metrics a little later in this article. It displays the report of Facebook page posts updated in last 30 days and max of 100 posts.

get Facebook page insights

When it comes to analyzing social media, there are plenty of tools available on the internet. If you are looking for analyzing your Twitter handle then you can check out these 4 free Twitter analytics websites. There is also another online tool to analyze a Facebook page but Komfo is quite advanced and displays a more advanced performance metrics in its analyzed report. By knowing these performance metrics, I am quite sure that you’ll be able to curate content more efficiently and increase engagement of your Facebook page users.

How to get Facebook page insights using this free social media analytic website:

Komfo is a free Facebook page analyzer tool that tells you how your fans are responding to the content generated by your Facebook page. From its Facebook page analytics report, you can get to know the average percentage of Facebook posts reach, popularity of Facebook pages posts, click through rate, and spam rate. The best part is that it displays all these factors for the last 100 posts in last 3 months and you can sort the Facebook posts on the basis of these analyzing factors.

A little introduction is provided below about the performance metrics displayed by it:

  • Fan Penetration rate: This Facebook page performance metric tells you about how many percentage of fans you have reached in average per post. On Facebook average Fan Penetration rate is 16%, so see where you stand after analyzing this performance metric.
  • Viral Amplification rate: This Facebook page performance factor tells you about the popularity of your Facebook page posts. If it is “1x” then your content is highly popular.
  • Spam Rate: It tells you about the number of negative feedback by your Facebook page fans as a percentage of all clicks. Negative feedback includes “Hide post, unlike page, and mark as spam”.
  • CTR: Click Through Rate FB page analyzing factor tells you about how engaging your Facebook posts are. Anything more than 10% is considered to be very engaging.

To get a full report of Facebook page insights using Komfo, just visit the link provided at the end of this article and subscribe to Konfo.


After you will click on “ANALYZE MY FACEBOOK PAGE”, it will ask you to login with your Facebook account and authorize it to access Facebook page posts info. After authorizing it with FB permissions, it will ask you to select a Facebook page to analyze (if you are managing multiple Facebook pages) and at last it will display a complete report with performance metrics, as shown in the main screenshot of this article.


Komfo is a free website to know the fan penetration rate, click through rate, and other performance metrics of your Facebook page. From the type of info it provides, you can really get to know how your Facebook page fans are responding to the content generated by it. I will recommend you to check it out as by using it you can analyze multiple Facebook pages with ease.

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