Query SQL Database using Natural Language for Free: Cogram

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Cogram is a free online tool to query databases using natural language. Basically what it does is it takes your query in natural language and then generates an equivalent SQL statement that you can execute on the connected databases. It supports SQL databases such as Postgres, SQLite, MySQL, and Redshift. You can connect any of these databases and then query data using simple natural language.

The results that it generates after executing a query are paginated and you can go through them all. Not only that, but you can also export them in CSV file if you want to. A good thing about this tool is that it doesn’t directly execute the SQL query after generation it from the natural language. First, it shows you the query in an editable editor, so if it missed something then you can correct it manually.

Simple queries for fetching data and filtering, it works perfectly. I tried some complex queries as well and it was able to produce the correct results. I even tried fetching data from multiple tables and it worked miraculously. The SQL output that it generated can further be filtered via extra parameters that it shows there.

How to Query SQL Database using Natural Language

Query SQL Database using Natural Language for Free: Cogram

In order to get started with it, you need a free account that you can create on the main website. After you create a free account, you can start using SQL generator. But first, you have to connect a database. Coronavirus supports for different kind of SQL databases but I have already mentioned in the beginning of this post.

So, go to Settings, select a database from the dropdown, and then specify the corresponding credentials. After testing the database connection, you can proceed further, and start using SQL generator.

Cogram Database Settings

Here it basically gives you two boxes where you have to generate the SQL. In the left box, you enter the query in natural language. So whatever you want to fetch from the database, you have to type that with correct database table name in natural language. You can see an example query in the screenshot below.

Enter Query in natural Language

Now, hit the Submit button and it will take a few seconds to generate an equivalent SQL code. That SQL code will be shown in the editor that it has on the right side.

Cogram Generated SQL Code

After making sure that the SQL code is correct, you can help the execute button and the SQL will be executed and you will see the result when you scroll down further on the page. The results that it generates are paginated. You can go through them all, filter them, even export them in CSV format.

Cogram Export SQL Results

And this is how you can use this simple online tool to query any SQL database using natural language. Whatever intelligent algorithms that induces underneath work perfectly and capable of generate error 50 SQL statements for a complex as well as simple queries.

Final thoughts:

I am simply amazed with the functionality that this online tool offers. I really liked the fate and the output that it generates. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but when I tried a natural language query for fetching data from multiple tables, it worked. And it will improve further in the coming updates. So, so if you want to give this tool a try then go to its home page and then query any database using natural language.

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