3 Free Pac Man Games For iPhone

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In this article, I am going to tell you about 3 free Pac Man games for iPhone. Pac Man is one of the most old and famous arcade game that has been developed ever. The game was originally developed by NAMCO in 1980. The game became so popular all over the World that there are various authorized and numerous unauthorized titles being developed thereafter. The game has also inspired various merchandise, TV series, and even music singles.

The gameplay of Pac Man is simple. In this game, you have to control the yellow colored Pac Man and help him eat all the Pac-dots (also known as Pellets). During this adventure, you also need to save him from his 4 enemies: Pinky (Pink colored), Blinky (Red colored), Inky (Cyan colored), and Clyde (Orange colored). If you are successful in eating all the pellets, then you are taken to next level. Now, you can also enjoy this old classic game on your iPhone in a new style with any of these 3 free Pac Man games for iPhone.

1. PAC-MAN Lite:


The first Pac Man game for iPhone is PAC-MAN Lite. PAC-MAN Lite consists of 11 different new mazes including the classic mode that you used to play on your old video games. The gameplay is exactly the same except the controlling style. In this game, you need to control the Pac Man by swiping your finger on the screen in the same direction in which you want it to move. You can also choose joystick as the control option if you are not comfortable with the touch controls. Rest of the rules are exactly same. The game contains more than 250 different levels which you can enjoy. You can even set the difficulty level and game modes.

Get PAC-MAN Lite here.

2. Ms. PAC-MAN Lite:

Ms. PAC-MAN Lite

The second Pac Man game for iPhone is Ms. PAC-MAN Lite. This game is based on the second version of original Pac Man known as Ms. PAC-MAN. In this game, you lead character is a female protagonist and rest of the things are same. The game has different and unique mazes with interesting sound to give the feel of real Pac Man. You can also choose to play your iTunes playlist songs while playing the game. This game also supports both touch based and joystick based controls.

Get Ms. PAC-MAN Lite here.



Final Pac Man game in the list is PAC-MAN DASH!. This game is not like the classical Pac Man games, instead it’s a running game variant of Pac Man with 3D graphics and all the surroundings. In this game, you have to collect the pellets by running over 3D pipes. Even your Pac Man is in 3D in this game with eyes, hands, and legs. He also jumps to celebrate the win. You can make Pac Man jump by tapping on the screen in order to eat the pellets kept at height. The speed of Pac Man also increases as you go on to eat more and more pellets. It consists of various levels to challenge your skills of playing Pac-Man. The game lets you save your progress both on device as well as on iCloud.

Get PAC-MAN DASH! here.

These were the 3 free Pac Man games for iPhone. I hope you will love them. Do play them and mention the name of the game which you liked the most.

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