Play Online Character Creator Games with These Free Websites

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In this article, you will read about how to play online character creator games. For that, you can visit these free websites which I’m going to mention below. The websites are basically dress-up games where you can do makeovers of the character. Here, you get different characters to play with. For example, you can create a character like a warrior, casual, angel, and so on.

On these websites, you get a basic model which you can decorate with the relevant tools. You can let the character wear amazing outfits, hold the weapons, use tattoos for stunning personalities. You can do more experiments with your character and enjoy playing games online.

Apart from playing games, if you wish to create an anime avatar online then you can use these websites. Using these websites, you can save the image as well.

Let’s play online character creator games.

1. Doll Divine

character creator games

Doll Divine is one of the best online character creator games. The website enables you to play games while creating a doll character.

When you open the website, it shows two types of dolls with the Play button. You can click that button to proceed. Then, you will see a plain character which you need to decorate by providing essential items to the character.

On the right, you will some tools like makeovers, weapons, hair, etc. You can pick them to make the character carry those items. You can do makeovers where you can pick eyes, nose, lips, etc. You can let the character hold the weapons or instruments, change hair color, costume, shoe, jewelry, and other accessories. When you are done, you can click on Finish. Then, you can mention the character’s job, level, and bio.

2. Rinmaru Games

character creator games

Rinmaru Games can also be a good option to play character creator games. On this website, you can create online stories while creating a character.

After you visit the website, it shows the Play button, you can move forward with that. The first thing you need to do is to choose makeovers. You can select the type of face with nose, eyes, skin colors, facial hair, and more. Similarly, you can choose hairstyles, outfits, accessories, and other items. You can make your character stand with the good scenery. You can choose the background and make your character look stunning with amazing scenes.

3. Azaleas Dolls

character creator games

Azaleas Dolls is another website where you can play character creator games. The website enables you to play games with character creation.

When you open the mentioned link, it shows an option to play the game. The next step is to randomize the items to apply to the character. At this point, you can choose the face shape, nose, eyes, eyebrows, etc. You can go next to apply more filters like accessories, jewelry, outfits, backgrounds, and more. You can keep on changing the color of each applied item.

Similarly, you can create more character on this website. And if you wish to keep your created character in your record, you can save the image.

4. Candy’s World

character creator games

Candy’s World is another website where you can play character creator games. The website lets you play games for different characters.

When you launch the website, it shows the character like Diana, cheerleader, dark warrior, casual style, dragon creator, etc. You can click on any character to proceed and start playing the game. The tools you need to apply are located around the character. You can select the outfit that suits your character. Besides that, you can try on other tools to apply to your character.

In brief

Playing these games is fun. These are basically character dress-up games where you have to create a character while doing makeovers. For this, you can simply pick a character and then start applying all the relevant tools to your character. A few of these websites let you save the characters. So try these websites and play character creator games online.

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