10 Online Haiku Syllable Counter Free Websites

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Here are 10 online haiku syllable counter free websites. For that, I have practically used each site which you’re going to read below. All you need to do is paste the haiku poem. Then the counter counts the number of syllables. But before using these sites to count syllables in haiku poems, let’s understand what syllables are?

Syllable is the unit of spoken language. It is the part of a word that contains vowel sounds. The vowel sound in a word is the unit of pronunciation which we call Syllable. Each word in the English language has at least one or more than one syllable. For example, the word Silver (which can be read as sil-ver) has two syllables and the word Fantastic (fan-tas-tic) has three syllables. The syllables matter in a haiku poem as it has a specific syllable structure as 5-7-5.

Now let’s read a brief description of the haiku poem. Haiku is a very short Japanese poetry. This poem is written in three lines where the first and the last line has 5 syllables and the middle line contains 7 syllables. You can also create other form of poems using online poem generators.

These sites are so helpful to count syllables in Haiku poems. While writing a haiku, you can count syllables and make your haiku poem good to read.

Let’s read about each site and understand how do these sites work as online haiku syllable counter.

1. WordCalc.com

Online haiku syllable counter

The website called WordCalc.com is a free online haiku syllable counter. Using this counter, you can also count words in poetry.

After visiting the site, you will see an empty box. There are other options on the right where you can arrange the setting of the calculations such as Word, Syllable, Analyze paragraphs, and Analyze Sentences. The default setting is to count word and syllables only.

Once you can paste your haiku poem in the box, you can click on Calculate Word Count. Thereafter, the online syllable counter provides you statistics which includes word count, syllable count, character count, mean syllables per word, and mean characters per word.

2. Haiku Syllable Counter

Online haiku syllable counter

As the name suggests (Haiku Syllable Counter) counts syllable in haiku poems. The counter looks simple where you can paste not just haiku but other poems as well. You can write 1500 maximum character.

To use it as a haiku syllable counter, you can drop your haiku poem in the empty box. Then, click on the Count Haiku Syllables. Below you will get the result of your poem. The table contains syllables per line, total syllables, total lines, and total words.

3. Syllable Counter

Online haiku syllable counter

Syllable Counter is a free haiku syllable counter website. The counter lets you count the number of syllables in words or sentences.

To do so, you just need to drop the haiku poem in the counter. Then, click on the Count button in order to count the syllables.

4. Poetry Soup

Online haiku syllable counter

Poetry Soup is the website that all ingredient of poetry. Using this site, you can count syllables in the haiku poem. Besides that, you can learn how to write a haiku poem, famous haiku poets, definition of haiku, examples of haiku poem, read haiku poems.

You can drop the haiku poem or other poetry with 1500 maximum character. Then, you can click on Count Syllables. The counter provides the result below. The result shows how many syllables are there in each line, total syllable, total lines, total words.

5. Haiku With Teeth

Online haiku syllable counter

Haiku With Teeth is another site to count syllables. The site lets you know how many syllables are present in the poem.

To use this site as a haiku syllable counter, you can paste the haiku or other poems in an empty line. Doing so, you can know how many syllables are there in a poem. The counter displays the result on the top of the empty line.

However, the site does not display syllables by per line. It only shows the total number of syllables in a poem.

6. How Many Syllables

Online haiku syllable counter

The site named (How Many Syllables) is an online haiku syllable counter. You can use this site as a dictionary or for grammar. The grammar section has all the details about syllables.

To count syllables, you can go to the workshop column. Then, you can simply start writing your poem or paste the haiku poem in the counter. And then you can hit the “count syllables” button located below. Thereafter, the counter shows the result of all the counted syllables.

The syllables are located on the left of each line. Besides that, it reveals how many words, syllables, and characters are there in the poem.

7. Syllable Count

Online haiku syllable counter

Syllable Count is very much similar to the above-mentioned sites. The site is a platform where you can learn about syllables and haiku. Also, you can use this site to count syllable for single words.

To count syllables in a haiku poem, you can enter the haiku poem in the counter. You can write 5000 characters maximum. Once you write your poem. Then, it analyzes the syllable in a poem. The result of online haiku syllable counter displays details such as the number of syllables, words, characters with space and no space, lines, letter of each line.

8. Count Wordsworth

Online haiku syllable counter

Count Wordsworth is a good website I found so far. You can count the syllables in your poem. Also, you can see other information about your piece of writing such as articles, syllables per word, sentences, prepositions, character, verb, and many more things.

In order to count haiku syllables, you can write your poem in the form of haiku. Then, the counter automatically identifies all the syllables in the poem.

9. Syllable Counter

Online haiku syllable counter

Another website called Syllable Counter. This online haiku syllable counter is very simple to use. Once you drop your haiku poetry in the counter, it automatically detects the number of syllables present in the poem. Apart from this, you may also know about the presence of words and characters.

10. You go words

Online haiku syllable counter

You go words is a site specifically for words. Using this site, you can find out words according to the length, consonants, word ends with a specific letter, vowels, words with different syllables, and types of speech.

To count syllables, you can drop a poem in the form of haiku. And then click on count syllables. The counter shows not just syllables but also the words, length, consonants, and vowels.

In brief

This is a great way to count syllables in a counter rather than counting yourself. The list of above-mentioned counters is so helpful. You just need to enter your poem and count syllables in a few seconds. Besides that, you can paste other form of poem and know their syllables for free.

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