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Here is the list of online character sheet generator websites. All are available for free. Now, you can prepare the sheet of famous character for online forum and bulletin board. All you need to do is choose the character and fill the required information such as character’s race, spells, backgrounds, equipment, class, level, ability scores. Besides that, you can mention the other details such as the character’s personality positive and negative aspects, height, muscles, skin tone, etc. After that, you can overview the character sheet and export it.

The sheet creates a table in a way where every single detail is mentioned with respect to the character. The sites let you create the character of Dungeons and Dragons of 5th edition, Cypher System Rulebook, Poetry, and other fictional characters. Some of these sites provide you PDF whereas others let you export the character. You can update the details of existing characters as well.

So, let’s create character sheets online with the online character sheet generator.

1. Character Generator

Online character sheet Generator

As its name implies, the website is the Character Sheet Generator. The site lets you create characters for poetry, novels, movies, and other fictional characters. If you love to make poetry then this is one of the good poem maker websites.

To create characters, you can go to the Character Generator section. Using this site, you can create characters in multiple ways, e.g., Detailed profile, Personality, Reference chart, Sexuality, Cause of death, Biography, Quick, and Detailed profile. You can select any way of creating a character sheet.

For making a character sheet, you need to fill the required information. You can enter custom keywords that reveal the personality trait of a character. When you choose a category, it prompts you to enter details such as gender, age, social class, education, religion, sexuality, nationality, etc. Furthermore, you can mention other details such as the character’s personality positive and negative aspects, height, muscles, shape, ethnicity, skin tone, etc.

This particular character sheet generator lets you add random words. For that, you have to click the fill entire form with random ideas button in order to fill the form automatically. Also, you can take manually for each row. Thereafter, you can go down to click Write me a profile. And you will see the complete sheet that consists of all the traits you mentioned before.

The sheet includes several sheets such as basic information, detail of physics, personality information, employment, background, politics, relationships with parents, siblings, friends, and timeline in years. Similarly, you can make other character sheets using different fictional characters.

2. OrcPub

Online character sheet Generator

OrcPub is another website that works as a character sheet generator. The site builds characters for D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). Here, you can create DnD 5e character sheet, DnD 5e monsters, DnD 5e items, DnD 5e combat tracker, DnD 5e character builder for Newbs, DnD 5e Spells, DnD 5e race builder, DnD 5e class builder, etc.

In order to create a character generator sheet, you can choose any of the character generator available on the site. Then, it shows the options and description on the top. The chart consists of several categories such as combat, proficiency, features, equipment, and features.

You can fill the details manually and mention the character’s race, spells, backgrounds, equipment, class, level, ability scores, etc. There is a description part where you can enter other information such as character name, eye color, personality traits, bonds, etc.

Once you’re done filling the entire form, you can save the character after logging in. If you want to update the character then you can edit the details of an existing character. You can view the entire character sheet as well. After that, you can take prints of the character sheet. The template is amazing that possesses every detail you mention about a character.

3. Fast Character

Online character sheet Generator

Fast Character can be a good option for character sheet generator. The site lets you prepare a character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons and Cypher System Rulebook.

To create D&D 5e characters, you have to mention the Player’s name and Player ID. You can choose random names as well. There are other details which require you to fill Race, Class, Character Gender, Level, Alignment, and Background. The dropdown has many options for each category. You can select the traits and features according to the character.

In case you miss any column blank then this generator automatically set random ideas. Besides that, you can set the display format as the color character sheet, Text only, and Grayscale character sheet. After setting the preferences, you can create a character sheet. It contains a character’s proficiency bonus, skills, saving throws, class features, equipment and treasure, spell casting and other details. The sheet looks amazing that depicts personality traits in a beautiful manner.

4. Character Builder

Online character sheet Generator

Character Builder is a free character sheet generator. The site basically creates D&D 5 characters. When you visit the website, you will see the option to start. Then, you can select Race of the character, i.e., High Elf, Human, Rock gnome, Dragonborn, etc. Then, click the arrow to go next and fill the other details such as character’s class, background, level, ability score, class feature, proficiency, hit points, spells, equipment, character, etc.

Each category has sub-category where you can mention about the character’s personality traits. Then after reviewing the information, you can finalize it, export it. Thereafter, you can export the character sheet in XML format.

The site lets you upload the XML file later in order to update the details of characters. And when you play games online, you can fill the bulletin board or online forum by opening BB code format.

In brief

It is fun to create characters using these online character sheet generator websites. You can enter a few details about the character’s personality and it provides you every detail in a sheet. It is like a timeline where you can overview each trait and achievement of a person or a character.

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