5 Free Websites to Learn Ruby Online

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In this article, I will talk about 5 free websites to learn Ruby online. These websites provide the complete Ruby learning course material for free which is beneficial for beginners, amateurs, and even intermediate level programmers. Ruby is one of the very popular programming languages and also the building block for the widely popular Ruby on Rails framework. These websites help you learn Ruby in an easy-to-understand way, while keeping all the things as interesting as possible. You will find notes, video tutorials, exercises, examples, and much more.

Let’s have a look at all of them in one by one.

1. Code Academy:

Code Academy

Code Academy is the first website in this list to learn Ruby online. The website has course material of estimated 9 hours time. The whole course is divided into multiple parts like Introduction to Ruby, Control Flow in Ruby, Looping with Ruby, Array and Hashes, etc. For each part, there are multiple sub-sections with each of them having a percentage marker. This marker shows the portion of course, in percentage, completed by you.

Clicking on the Ruby concept will take you to the new interface where you will find the text based on the left side and real time coding interface on the right. You can read the notes and code on the screen at the same time.

2. Ruby for Web Designers:

Ruby for Website Designers

Ruby for Web Designers is the website which has a Getting Started option along with 13 lessons covering all the basic and important concepts of Ruby. Some of the concepts are Inheritance, Symbols, Arrays, Conditionals, Hashes, Refracting, Class, etc. On selecting the concept, website shows you the whole concept along with sample codes. The website also lets you download the course materials as a ZIP file for reading offline.

3. Try Ruby:

Try Ruby

Try Ruby is the most interactive and fun to use website to learn Ruby online. This website makes learning everything really interesting with its easy to understand language, unique examples, and an editor to type and check your Ruby code in real time. You can register for a free account with Try Ruby to save your progress. It means, you won’t have to start the whole course again and again.

4. Ruby Monk:

Ruby Monk

The Ruby Monk is the second last website in this list which includes 7 different Ruby courses. Some of them are: Ruby Primer, Ruby Primer: Ascent, Metaprogramming Ruby, Metaprogramming Ruby: Ascent, etc. Depending on the course selected, you will see the content and the course material depending upon the course selected by you.

5. Code Quizzes:

Code Quizzes

Code Quizzes is the website which includes tutorials for different programming  languages including Ruby. The Ruby tutorial includes sections like Beginning/Intermediate, Files and Directories with Ruby, etc. As the name of the website, it includes different questions related to Ruby which you have to answer. You can register with the website to save and track your progress.

These are the 5 free websites to learn Ruby online. Check them out and and feel free to ask if you have any doubts.

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