5 Free Online Habit Tracker Websites To Build New Habits

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This article covers 5 free online habit tracker websites to build new habits. There are lots of mobile apps for habit tracking but if someone spends most of their time in front of a computer then it would be nice to be able to track habit on PC. So, I compiled a list of 5 free websites which you can use to track your regular activities and build new habits.

All these websites have their own ways to track habits. Some of these lets you track your dailies on a calendar and provide a detailed summary of each habit you enter there. Whereas, some use other creative ways to gamify the overall habit of tracking experience. All these websites provide you habit stats such as longest streak, strength, current streak, goal tracking, and so on. Let’s check them out one by one.

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5 Online Habit Tracker Websites Free:



JstStrt.com is a simple yet powerful habit tracker website where you can monitor your regular habits and keep a record. On this website, you can add your regular activities which you want to turn into habits and then keep a track of them on a daily basis on a calendar.

In order to use this website, first, you have to create an account and confirm your email address. Once done, you can log in to your account and start adding your habit activities here. You can add a brief description along with the habit name and choose a color for it to differentiate from others. All your habits appear on the main page accompanied by a calendar. From there, you can record your habits by tapping a date on the calendar and choosing the habit activities that you have completed on that date. You can also check the stats on each habit and check the total, longest streak, average, inactivity, and other weekly stats.

Give this free online habit tracker a try here.



Chains.cc provides you simple and beautiful illustrations to track and monitor your regular habits. Instead of having a usual calendar matrix, this website has timelines for habits. Upon creating a free account, you can add all your habit there and track them with beautiful illustrations.

When you add a habit on this website, you can pick an illustration for it along with color. You can also add a brief description and select on which days you want to do that activity. When you save the habit as a chain, it appears on the timeline. There, you can select the days on which you have done that activity and keep a track of it. The habit uses the same illustration that you have picked while creating that habit. Each habit timeline has its name on the top along with habit stats. this way, you can have all your habit stats at once place with good visuals.

You can try this free online habit tracker here.



Habitory.com is another free online habit tracker website that can help you build new habits. You can use this habit tracker either on the web app (website) or on the Android app. In both cases, you have to create an account first and then you can use this tracker to record and monitor your regular activities.

This website has a neat and minimalistic user interface with a side panel on the left side. The side panel lists all the habits you add at one place so that you can easily jump through those. Here, you can set the start and end date for a habit and create recurring events. Then, you have to visit the website and mark your entries for respective habits. This tracker shows you the stats for each habit which includes the longest streak, current streak, strength, and more.

Try this online habit tracker here.



Habitica.com has a unique way to help you build new habits with ease. This website uses a gamified approach to track and monitor habits. Depending on the tasks, you win rewards whenever you complete a task here. You can create virtual characters and track all the habit tasks to achieve the maximum point and hence complete the task.

Apart from habits, you can also track your minor daily activities and to-do list. Both these features work similarly to habit tracking. You can add a new activity and define its difficulty and reward. One of the cool features of this website is that you can invite your friends and start a party to track habits together in this engaging gamified way.

Give this free online habit tracker a try here.



JoesGoals.com is the simplest and barebone online habit tracker website. This website has a simple and minimal interface but it lacks the fancy graphics and styles. When you create an account here, it shows your goals on the main screen. Initially, it’s blank but then you can add new habits to make new goals. When you do that, each habit is added in the goal chart with weekly calendar days alongside. From there, you can simply mark the days on which you did the respective habit activity and track your activities to build new habits.

Give it a try here.

Wrap Up

These are the 5 free online habit tracker websites where you can track and monitor your regular activities and build new habits. Each of these websites has its perks and features, try them yourself and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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