4 free Frostbite time Calculator to Calculate frostbite exposure time

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This post talks about some free online frostbite time calculator tools that you can use. With all the tools that are mentioned below, you can easily calculate near exact frostbite exposure time that can damage your skin tissues. These tools only take two inputs for calculating that and generate the final result in terms of time. Additionally, you can also look at the table below to see how to get a rough estimation of frostbite.

For now, there are 3 stages of frostbite: mild, superficial, and severe. You can determine these by how deeply your skin and tissues have been affected from the icy temperatures. There are various symptoms of frostbite such as feeling pins and needles, numbness, and skin color changing. But you can prevent all that if you calculate the frostbite on time and don’t let yourself exposed for too long.

5 free Frostbite time Calculator to Calculate frostbite exposure time

4 free Frostbite time Calculator to Calculate frostbite exposure Time

Wolfram|Alpha Widgets

Wolfram Widget to Calculate Frosbite time

Wolfram|Alpha has a widget that you can use to calculate frostbite time with ease. This is actually a very simple tool, as it only takes the two required parameters from you; temperature and the wind speed. It expects temperature given in Celsius and wind speed in meters per second. After taking these parameters, it will quickly calculate the result for you that you can analyze.

This widget by Wolfram is free to use by anyone. And you don’t need Wolfram membership to use it. The link is above, you just open the widget, enter the parameters that it asks, and hit the Submit button. It will take a couple of seconds to compute your result and will show it to you. The final result is generated in terms of hours or minutes.


WolframAlpha Frosbite Time Calculator

Apart from the widget above, WolframAlpha has another query like tool that you can use for frostbite calculation. This tool here works a little differently. Instead of specifying the wind speed and temperatures, you specify them in natural language. It will understand the inputs and will produce the corresponding results.

You can access this tool from the input tool of the WolframAlpha from the link above. There is a specific syntax for the natural command that you have to execute. In this case, you have to run the command like this:

frostbite calculator temperature -15 C wind speed 70 km/hr

Just paste this entire text as input and hit enter. It will quickly calculate the result for and show you the results. You can modify the temperature and wind speed parameters in this command and also carefully specify the correct units.

Time to Frostbite Calculator

Time to frostbite calculator

This is another free tool that you can use to calculate frostbite time for free. Just like the tool above, it takes temperature and wind speed from you and generate the final calculated result. But here it supports temperature unit in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit. Apart from the calculated result, it shows you lookup result as well.

Use this tool from the link above, and then simply enter the parameters that it asks for. But first, you have to specify what unit of temperature you will be using. After that, you enter the correct values for wind speed and then hit the calculate button. It will generate the result instantly that you can analyze.

Do note that this tool requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser. If you use tight ad blockers to JavaScript blocker extension, then you may have to disable it or make an exception for this tool.


Calculator.net frostbite calculator

Calculator.net has an online wind chill calculator that works in the same way as the websites I have mentioned above. Here it takes the same inputs and show you the calculated frostbite time. In addition, here it offers a detailed chart for wind chill and frostbite calculation. If you want to know the formula behind the frostbite exposure calculation then here you will find one.

Just like other websites here, it doesn’t ask you to go through a sign up or registration process. Just land on the main homepage and after that, you only have to enter the wind speed and temperature. Finally, hit the Calculate button to see the result. And when you scroll down further, it will show you a detailed chart where you can see the frostbite time for different temperatures.

Final thoughts:

These are the best free online frostbite time calculators that you can use. If you are going to be out in icy areas for a long time, then you need to know how much time you can spend there. With these calculators, you will know at what point, you will start getting frostbite and will be able to save yourself too. So, use any tool, they all work same. All you have to do is make sure that you enter the input parameters in the correct units.

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