5 Free eBay Price Tracker Websites

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In this article, I will cover 5 free eBay price tracker websites.

eBay is one of the biggest online stores where you can find a vast variety of products. There are millions of products from thousands of sellers from all around the world. When you search for a product on eBay, you might find hundreds of results for that. In such cases, it becomes really hard to find a product that fits in your budget. And, keeping the track of prices for multiple items becomes a very messy task.

These eBay price tracker websites can be really helpful in such situations. These websites let you track the price of a product on eBay and notify you via email whenever there is a change in price or a new product is added.

Some of these websites track the price of a particular item from a particular seller and notify you whenever there is a change in price. Whereas, some track a product throughout the website and notify you whenever an item comes under your mentioned price range.

So, let’s start the list and discuss these websites one by one.

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Here Are 5 Free eBay Price Tracker Websites:


eBay price tracker

PriceAlarm.net is a free price tracking website that helps you find the lowest price for a product. When you search for a product here, it lists all the relevant items for your search query. For example, if you search for “iPod”, it lists all the iPod variants available on eBay and Amazon. When you select an item from that list, PriceAlarm shows you it’s price on eBay and Amazon. It lists all new as well as used items and shows you a sale rank chart.  From here, you can set a target price for tracking that particular item on eBay. You can also enable email alerts for price tracking from both, eBay and Amazon.

Try this eBay price tracker here.


free eBay price tracker

StuffAlert.com is a free eBay search and alert service that helps you find the product you are looking for. To use StuffAlert, you have to create an account first, which is absolutely free and only takes a minute or two. After verifying your account, you can use the StuffAlert‘s eBay search to find the desired item. Tracking a product and setting an alert is a combined three-step process here. The first step is ‘Create‘ where you have to search for the product you want to track. You can customize your search by selecting a sub-category, setting a price range, buying format, and product condition. In the second step, it shows you the products it found on eBay that are most relevant to your search query. In the third step, you have to name your alert and select an email frequency for the alerts. Once you set the alerts, StuffAlert continuously searches eBay 24/7 for a product that satisfies all options you’ve selected. When it finds a product that matches all your conditions, it notifies you by sending an email.

This way, you don’t have to look for a product every day, just set a track and alert on StuffAlert and it will do the rest for you.

Give this eBay price tracker a try here.


eBay price tracker website

PriceCase.com is another free price tracker website that sends you alerts for price drops and stock availability. To start tracking a product, you are going to need a PriceCase account. You can create a PriceCase account for free or login with Google or Facebook account. To find a product simply paste the product URL in the search box and PriceCase will fetch the current price for that product. You can also search for a product by its name and it will list the products with that name from eBay and Amazon. It shows you the product along with its photo, description, and price. From there, you can set an alert for the price drop and stock availability for that product. You can also set a desired price and enable alerts for that. Whenever the price of that product becomes equal or less than your desired price, PriceCase notifies you by sending an email.

Check out this eBay price tracker here.


track eBay price

BidVoy.net is a free website where you can track the price trend of a product. When you search for a product here, it shows you a statistics graph of the price of that product throughout the week. You can track the price of that product on any date in the past or view its weekly price graph. If you are looking for auctions or used products, you can track the price graph for that too.

Apart from the price graph, it calculates the average price for the searched product, shows weekly trend and number of auctions for that product. It also calculates the price margin for you. Based on all the price data and statistics, BidVoy predicts the best time to buy and sell that product.

You can try this eBay price tracker here.


eBay price tracker

The last eBay price tracker on this list is AuctionSensor.com. It searches eBay every 30 seconds to find the best deal for you. It lists all the “Buy It Now” items and finds the auctions that are ending soon. In the search results, it shows you product image, name, price with shipping charges, seller’s location and product condition along with auction end date. You can filter the search results by price, production condition, seller’s location and deal type.

When you enter your search query, it asks you to enter your email address. If you want to get notified whenever a new deal available on your desired product, you can enter your email address there and enable the alerts.

Here is a link to try out this eBay price tracker.

Closing Words

These are the 5 free eBay price tracker websites. Each of these websites follows a different way to track the price of a product. Selecting one is depends on the type of product you are looking for and when you are going to buy. If you want to buy a product ASAP then, you can go with PriceAlarmPriceCase, and AuctionSensor. And, if you are willing to wait, then give a try to StuffAlert or BidVoy.

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