How To Automatically Sync All Android Apps Only On WiFi

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This tutorial explains how to automatically sync all Android apps only when your Android device is connected to WiFi.  This tutorial will also demonstrate how you can make your Android device automatically sync only when it is connected to a WiFi, or to an external power, or both.

For this, I will use an Android app named AutoSync that can completely solve this problem by restricting apps to sync only on WiFi. The best part of this app is that it is very lightweight and you can simply make all of your Android apps to automatically sync only when your phone is connected to a WiFi network.


If you think syncing all of your Android apps only on WiFi can consume a lot of battery, then you can even select an option to only allow your device to sync when it is connected to both WiFi and power source i.e. when it is charging.

I know some of you might looking for this option to automatically sync Android apps only when your device is connected to WiFi, so let me put an end to your search by introducing you to this nice and minimalistic Android app.

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How to automatically sync Android apps only on WiFi in Android:

AutoSync is an Android application that lets you automatically sync Android apps only when your Android device is connected to WiFi. It is quite a simple app which just contains a single screen of different options; you just have to open the app and select a particular auto syncing option to activate it. Apart from solving this problem, it also makes your auto syncing process quite efficient by providing a lot more tweaking options like allowing the device to automatically sync apps when it is being charged, auto sync at regular intervals, etc.

So let’s see the steps involved in allowing Android devices to automatically sync Android apps only when they are connected to a WiFi network:

Step 1: Download and install AutoSync from the link provided above.

Step 2: Select the option to auto sync when Wi-Fi is connected. Now, your device will only automatically sync Android apps only when it is connected to a WiFi device.

Automatically sync Gmail only on WiFi

That’s pretty much it! From now on, the apps with sync only when your Android phone is connected to wifi.

Other options available through this app:

  • External power is connected: This option is to sync apps only when your phone is charging.
  • External power or WiFi is connected: This option will sync apps when your phone is connected to Wifi OR it is charging.
  • External power and WiFi is connected: This option requires your phone to be connected to wifi and also to a power source, and then only apps will sync.
  • At certain interval: Specify the time at which phone should sync.
  • Manually ON/OFF.
  • None: Turn off auto sync process.


This app is as simple as it gets, and it easily lets you sync apps on Android phone only when connected to wifi. I really like the fact that it has just 1 screen, and no complicated options. Of course, that also means that there isn’t a lot of customization that you can do. But if you are looking for a bare bone option to sync only on wifi, then this app will do that for you easily.

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