5 Free Android Apps to Unfollow Instagram Unfollowers

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Here is a list of 5 best free Android apps to unfollow Instagram unfollowers. Using these apps, you’ll be able to easily find out the Instagram users whom you follow but they don’t follow you back and directly unfollow them. There are dozens of apps available such as Unfollowgram, Unfollow, etc. which can be used for unfollowing Instagram non-followers. Some of these apps also let you bulk unfollow Instagram unfollowers.

So, to ease up things for you, I have dug up 5 of the best apps to do the same and I will share them with you in this post. These apps can help you effectively and easily manage your Instagram account and get rid of the users who don’t follow you. Some of these apps like Unfollowers, InstaFollow, etc. also shows the mutual friends, fans, gained followers, and lost followers.


Unfollowgram for Instagram:


Unfollowgram is probably one of the best Android apps to track the Instagram users whom you follow but they don’t follow you back, and then you can unfollow them directly. One of the unique features of this app which the other similar apps lack is that it lets you bulk unfollow users. That means you can unfollow a single non-follower or multiple non-followers at once using this app. When you sign in to this app using your Instagram account details, it will scan through the account and show the list of non-followers from where you can select and unfollow them. Apart from that, it also shows how many users you’ve unfollowed today, who unfollowed you, and who follows you but you don’t follow them back.

InstaFollow for Instagram:


InstaFollow is another amazing app which allows you to easy discover who is not following you back and unfollow them if necessary. Unlike “Unfollowgram”, this one doesn’t have any option to bulk unfollow users, but you can browse all the unfollowers in one place and unfollow them one by one. When you open the app, it will go through your “Following” details and find the users who don’t follow you. After that, you can simply press the “Unfollow” button on the right of each username to unfollow. In addition to showing the non-followers, it also shows your mutual friends and fans (who follow you, but you don’t follow them back). It also lets you see the gained and lost followers for your Instagram account.

Unfollowers for Instagram:


Unfollowers is also a very useful app for Android to find and unfollow non-followers. As soon as you sign in  into this app, it will fetch all the non-followers from your Instagram profile and list them under the section “Non-Followers”. In this section, you will be able to see and unfollow the users with few taps. To unfollow a non-follower, you need to press the “Following” button adjacent to the username and then a popup will appear with the option to unfollow. Similar to the “InstaFollow” app, this one also shows the mutual friends, fans, new followers, and lost followers along with the non-followers.

Unfollow for Instagram Growth:


Unfollow is another simple app for Android which also allows you to track and unfollow the Instagram users who don’t follow you back. As soon as you open up this app, it will ask you to feed your Instagram credentials and authorize it to access your account. After that, it will scan through your entire Instagram profile and find the unfollowers automatically. Then you can simply tap on the “Remove” icon associated with each of the unfollowers to unfollow them. Ultimately, the sole purpose of this app is to help you find and unfollow the non-followers, and it doesn’t come with any other option.

Unfollowers by TopTeam:


Unfollowers is another useful Android app which can be used to track down unfollowers on Instagram and unfollow them. Similar to the “Unfollow” app, this one also very easy to use and only has the option to find and unfollow non-followers. After you enter your Instagram login details and authorize the app, it will analyze your Instagram account automatically and display the users whom you follow but they don’t follow you back. To unfollow the non-followers, all you got to do is hit the “Unfollow” button adjacent to each username.

My Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a shortcut to  find the Instgarm users who don’t follow you back, then start using any of the apps listed in this post. You can easily track non-followers and unfollow them directly. Among all these Android apps, my favorite one is “Unfollowgram” as it comes with a unique feature using which you can bulk unfollow users who don’t follow you back.

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