Automatically Change Windows 8 Start Screen Color

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ColorSync is a freeware for Windows 8 which automatically changes the background color of Windows 8 Start Screen to that of Windows 8 Taskbar and window border color. It even changes the window’s border color and taskbar’s color to that of Start Screen quite easily.

For example: If you have set the background color of Start Screen as Black, then this freeware will automatically change the window border and taskbar color to Black as well, or vice versa (depends on the setting you choose).


As Windows 8 has been upgraded to Windows 8.1, many new features have been added to it. It lets you set the Windows 8 Desktop background picture as Windows 8 Start Screen background picture in a single click. However, it doesn’t provide any feature to set color of Start Screen background, Taskbar, and window’s border to be same. This freeware does that job for you quite easily.

Change Windows 8 Start Screen Color as that Of Taskbar And Window’s Border:

You can get ColorSync free from the publisher by using the link given at the end of this review.

The freeware is downloaded as a zip file. Firstly, unzip it by using any Zip/Unzip software.

As you install the freeware, you will find that the window border color and Taskbar color matches that of Start Screen. The freeware is then minimized to the Tray Icon.

ColorSync-Tray Icon


The default setting of the freeware changes the color of Taskbar and window’s border color exactly like Windows 8 Start Screen. However, you can change the Start Screen background color to that of Taskbar’s and window’s border color.

To do so, go to the Tray Icon. Right click on the ColorSync Icon (colorful circle). You will find two options to tweak the color between: Start Screen -> Aero and Aero -> Start Screen.

ColorSync-Tray Icon Option

  • Start Screen -> Aero: It changes the color of Taskbar and window’s border to match that of Start Screen.
  • Aero -> Start Screen: It changes the color of Start Screen to match that of Taskbar and window’s border.

Click on any one option as per your choice, and then click on “Run at startup”. It will change the color as per your setting whenever you boot your Windows 8 PC.

Also try Start Screen Customizer.


ColorSync is an elegant freeware for Windows 8 to change Start Screen color to that of window’s border and Taskbar, and vice versa. If you like tweaking the color of Start Screen, and like to set the same color for your window’s border and Taskbar, then you should definitely try ColorSync.

Get ColorSync here.

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