Weather Gizmo: Free Weather Gadget For Windows

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Weather Gizmo is a free weather gadget available for Windows that lets you know about the weather conditions for different cities of a country. This weather application helps you to know about the maximum and minimum temperature, humidity, and wind speed of a particular city. Along with this, Weather Gizmo gives the weather forecast for tomorrow’s weather and you could also see the weekly forecast about the weather.

Once you have installed Weather Gizmo application on your PC, you don’t need to watch the weather news or go through the internet for knowing the weather conditions, as it shows you all the relevant information about the current weather.

Weather Gizmo 01 free weather gadget for windows

Key Features of Weather Gizmo:

  • Weather conditions for Different Cities: This weather gadget not only show you the weather conditions of a particular city, you can even see the weather conditions of different cities of a country also.
  • Temperature, Humidity, and Wind Speed: It lets you know about the minimum and maximum temperature of the present day along with the wind speed and humidity(in percentage) of your selected city.
  • Helps You to Know About The Weather of World: Weather Gizmo is not restricted to show the weather conditions of your own county or city only, you could see the weather details of different cities and countries such as: United Kingdom, United States of America, India, Indonesia, Japan etc.
  • Accurate Information About The Weather: Weather Gizmo application gives you the correct details about the weather conditions.
  • Date and Time: It shows you present day along with accurate time.
  • Weather forecast of Tomorrow and Weekly: It gives you an idea of weather information of tomorrow as well as of a whole week. It can help you for scheduling your work and plans. So it simply lets you know about weather if its sunny, snowy, cloudy, or partly cloudy etc.

Weather Gizmo 02 free weather gadget for windows

How This Weather Gadget Works:

  • Weather Gizmo allows you to select your desired country and city in order to see the weather information of that specific city.
  • While using Weather Gizmo, you can manage available settings according to your preference. Just click on the settings icon of Weather Gizmo available at the bottom right side to its main window, a small window will open up in which you can perform your desired actions.
  • You can select the location(county) of your choice, then select the desired city of that location.
  • Adjust the Time Format according to your wish i.e. either you can select the 12 hours format or you can choose 24 hours format.
  • Click on the Auto Refresh check mark so that weather information will be updated automatically.
  • Select the Wind Speed either in kmph or in mph.
  • You can also adjust the Temperature in Weather Gizmo application. It means, you can choose the temperature to be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Once you have done with the desired changes, hit the DONE button in order to save your new settings.

Weather Gizmo 03 free weather gadget for windows

  • There are three buttons also available at the middle of Weather Gizmo’s main window. The red cross button is used for closing this application, the green button is used for maximizing the window of Weather Gizmo, and the middle blue button is used for putting up this weather gadget at the top of all your active windows.

Download and Installation:

  • Weather Gizmo can be downloaded easily from its homepage. Simply click on the Download button available at the top of Weather Gizmo’s homepage.It takes a small amount of time to download this weather gadget.

Weather Gizmo 04 free weather gadget for windows

  • After downloading this desktop application, open the folder where the setup of Weather Gizmo is downloaded.
  • Double-click on the setup of Weather Gizmo, an installation window will open up. Simply install this application to your desired location. Once you have finished with the installation process, you can start Weather Gizmo from the desktop shortcut.

Weather Gizmo is a completely free weather application available for you to look at the weather conditions of different cities of different countries. It’s a simple and easy to use weather gadget. Download Weather Gizmo for free.

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Works With: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Windows 8
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