Free Music Synthesis Software to Make Your Own Music: RolloSONIC

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RolloSONIC is a free software which uses your mouse cursor’s real-time movements to synthesize sounds. You just have to move your mouse and the software will produce different kinds of sound using its sound synthesis system, which is fully modular. The software is useful for those who are into sound mixing.

It not only provides sounds based on mouse movements but you can also use your MIDI keyboard to produce different sounds. The great thing about the software is its portability; you do not have to necessarily install RolloSONIC in order to use it.


How to use RolloSONIC:

Here is a nice introduction video for RolloSonic:

The software can be downloaded from the link at the end of the article. The size of the software is a mere 3MB. RolloSONIC gives you the option to either install the software or simply run the software to test it. At the end of installation you will get a screen like the one above. A dialog box like the one below pops which gives basic information about RolloSONIC and links to its tutorials on how to use it.

RolloSONIC-Dialog MEssage

Now for the first time you would like to know how mouse movement results in producing different kinds of sound. Click on any of the 4 options in ‘Mouse Based’ under ‘Configuration Presets’.

RolloSonic-Configuration Preset

You can also select the input from other devices like Microphone, MIDI-keyboard, etc.

Once you have selected any of the subcategories (I selected “Digital Modulation”), you will get a screen like the one below. The various functionalities can be tuned according to your desired choices. Once done, click on the Start button at the top and move your mouse. You will hear different types of sounds. To stop anytime, click on Stop or close all the dialog boxes.

RolloSONIC-Digital Modulation

If you want to create a configuration of your own, go to ‘Get New Module’ and select the dialog boxes you would like to have. You can have something like the one below. To get a simple configuration which will produce sound with mouse movement, select ‘Oscillator Module’ from ‘Audio Source’ and ‘Echo Module’ from ‘Audio Effect’ and do the changes marked in the picture below.

RolloSONIC-Get New Module

Now move the mouse and you will get different sounds based on mouse movement. If you close at this point, the next time you open it you will get the same configuration.

Also check out other free music creation software, like, LMMS.


The only demerit I found in the software is that when you use it, the mouse functions abruptly, like at the end of the screen the mouse generally stops but with the application running it comes out from the opposite end. Secondly there is no way to save the configuration module you make.


The software is great if you want to make music of your own. It is useful for Disk Jockeys out there who experiment with new type of music. The interface is also very clean which will result in you learning it very quickly. And it is a portable software, so carry it around easily.

Get RolloSONIC here.

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