Free ChatGPT Based Software to Translate Text and Fix Grammar

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OpenAI Translator is a free and open-source desktop app that you can use to translate text fix grammar and generate text explanation using AI. It basically uses OpenAI’s API to process your text and works right on your desktop. It also comes as a browser extension that you can install in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. It uses your own API keys to translate text via AI or to fix it grammatically. You can use it as a companion app on your desktop for proofreading and quickly translating text anytime.

There are many translator software available on Windows, but they don’t use AI like this one I am mentioning here. It is based on ChatGPT and works very fast as it uses your own API keys. You can even consider it as a ChatGPT UI that can act as your personal assistant. And it is specialized for translation and fixing grammar in your text. The grammar fixer that this tool offers you can work in any language. You just give it a grammatically wrong sentence in any language, and it will fix it for you in blink of an eye.

Right now, you can try this desktop app on Windows Linux and Mac OS.

Free ChatGPT Based Software to Translate Text and Fix Grammar

Using this software is very simple. You can download the desktop app for your platform using this link. After downloading it, just launch it. The settings page of the software will show up. The very first thing you have to do here is enter the API key that you can copy and generate in your OpenAI platform account.

OpenAI Translator

After setting up the API keys, it is all ready to use. The main interface of this software will now show up where you are given various options to do certain tasks.

The very first thing you can do here is translate text using AI. Just copy paste any text in the box and then select source and target language. Press enter and it will instantly show you the translated text on its main interface.

OpenAI Translator in action

Similarly, you can switch to the “Polishing” section where you can access the grammar fixer. Enter any text that you want to enhance and then it will do that for you in a couple of seconds. With this you can come up with great piece of text that you can use in your blog post and social media captions.

OpenAI Translator Grammar Fixer

The last tool in this software you can find is a text summarizer. To use the summarizer, you just have to paste some long text and then press enter to generate the summarized version that you can copy and use anywhere you like. You can use this feature of this software for learning and remembering things especially if you are a student.

OpenAI Translator Explanation

In this way, you can use this free and open source ChatGPT based desktop app. It offers very powerful set of features that you will like. It can also prove to be your companion app that you can call anytime.

Closing thoughts:

If you are into AI based tools, then you must try this ChatGPT based translator and summarizer I have mentioned here. Here one app is offering you features of 2-3 apps combined into one. It can enhance your productivity at work as well as for personal use. So go ahead and give it a try and let me know what you think about this cool ChatGPT AI based app.

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