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Winamp2-js is a free online Winamp music player. It is the web hosted version of the legendary music player Winamp. The look and feel of this player is like the classical Winamp and you can open multiple songs in it from your PC and play them. You can operate it in the same way that you used to operate Winamp. It has a draggable and detachable user interface and supports all the shortcuts for controlling the playback. It has the same equalizer and playlists manager that you can use to sort the songs you want to listen and at the specified sound level.

Winamp2-js is a simple, draggable and open source online Winamp music player. To play the songs, you just have to drag and drop the songs to the playlist manager and it will start playing them. You can change the order of the songs, remove some songs from it if you want. However, some features still don’t work like adding songs from URL. But I hope that we will see other useful features in the coming updates.

Free Online Winamp Music Player Wiamp2-js

Free Online Winamp Music Player: Winamp2-js

Play songs in an online music player and do your work side by side in the different tabs of the browser. You will find almost all the tools and features in it as they were in the original Winamp. You can use it in the simple way and without any registration.

Step 1: Go to this website and the Winamp player will be loaded in just a few seconds. This online Winamp player supports the legacy zoom feature. You can hit “Ctrl+D” hotkey to make it bigger in size. You can see the interface of the online Winamp player in the screenshot below.

winamp2-js online view

Step 2:  To play the songs, you can drag and drop the songs in the playlist manager. Or, if you just want to play a single song, then you can use the “open” button to do that. After loading the song, it will play it. You can use the equalizer to set the sound level according to you. Also, the playlist manager and equalizer window are detachable. You can place them to any location on the webpage.

winamp2-js online player in action

Above you can see the look and feel of this online Winamp music player. To play your favorite song, you just have to drag and drop them on it. After that, you can use it in the same way as you used the original Winamp player.

Final Words

I have been a very loyal user of Winamp for a very long time. And I was so excited to see the online version of the Winamp in the form of Winamp2-js that I made my mind to write a review about it. The best part is that it is open source and you can host it on your end and use it in any way you want. You can even use it for your daily music session needs or whatever you like.

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