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HTTPS Everywhere is a free extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which is capable of encrypting communications with many major supported websites for secure browsing experience.

Don’t ever dare to think that you are safe on the web! Yes many a times you are not. Thousands and thousands of eavesdroppers and spies are behind you. They keep a look on your activities on the web which may lead to a possible stealing of confidential information. Then what is the way out? Simple just equip your browser with HTTPS Everywhere free extension and you have found the solution for your problem.

How secure browsing works?

It is just an extension to your Firefox or Chrome. HTTPS Everywhere just activates the https encryption which is already available in the website you are about to view. Hence if you are browsing through a site which does not support https encryption HTTPS Everywhere cannot help you out because it cannot create a https encryption. It can just activate one if it is available in the website.

Opera without HTTPS EverywhereBefore installing HTTPS Everywhere

Opera with HTTPS Everywhere

After installing HTTPS Everywhere


Once the extension is installed and enabled it takes over your security problems. Whenever you try to open any page it looks for a https connection support by the website and if it is possible it encrypts the connection to https. Hence it offers you more security than an ordinary http connection. If the HTTPS Everywhere icon shows at the end of the address bar it means that the rule sets are applicable to the present site. In simple terms it means you are safe.

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Test results show that the extension is stable and works without any problems in both the supported browsers. From business men to ordinary internet users HTTPS Everywhere is a potential tool to safeguard their private data. Say good-bye to online safety worries with HTTPS Everywhere.

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Works With: Google Chrome and Firefox
Free/Paid: Free

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