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Get File Size is a free software to get size of file before downloading. It’s a very lightweight software that is just 500  KB of size. Using this tiny piece of software, you can easily get the size of a file before downloading by just copying its URL. After that it returns the size of the desired file. And the best part is that you can see the file type, size in Bytes, KiloByte, MegaByte, and last modified date. Also in many cases it can show you how much time it will take to download the file whose link you have submitted to it.

Sometimes it is useful to know the size of file before downloading as there are situations that you have very low data or any other reason. That’s where Get File Size freeware comes in handy. Using this unique piece of software, you can easily get the size of file before downloading. Also, you can download that particular file from the interface itself.

Get Size Of File Before Downloading

Let’s see what it takes to get size of file before downloading using Get File Size.

Do note that lot of download managers also provide this feature that as soon as they start downloading the file, they show its size. However, in that case, you actually start the file download before you know the size. In case of this software, you can see the size of the file before you download it.

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How to Get Size of File Before Downloading?

Get File Size comes with an intuitive user interface that makes it very easy to use. Even a newbie can use it easily. For getting started with it, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download and install this software using this link. After that, launch it from the desktop icon that it creates, and you will see its interface similar to the following screenshot.

Get File Size interface

Step 2: Now, in the URL text box that is located at the tip of its interface, paste the link of the desired file.

Get File Size pasting URL

Step 3: After you have pasted the link of a certain file, simply Hit the Get button. It will take a very short amount of time and will display the size of the file in KB, MB, and bytes.

Get File Size in action

After following the above steps, you can easily get size of any file before downloading. So, in this way you can easily get size of file before downloading using Get File Size freeware. Also, if you are using Internet Explorer on Windows 7 or below, then it will automatically get integrated into that. Additionally, it provides the download button on its interface, so you can also download the file after getting its size. Also, you can choose any installed browser to download the file.

There is actually a big limitation of this software. It can show the file size only if the URL that you has is the direct URL of the file, and not of some redirect page. For example, when you click on Download link on popular websites like SourceForge, Cnet, etc., they don’t directly download the file, but instead open another page, and download starts from that. In such cases, the URL that you submit will not give size of the file. This is where download manager are superior to this software. When you start the download, they are able to get the final download link from which the file is actually downloaded, and so they are able to show the file size. So, if you download files from lot of software download websites, this software might not work for you at all, and you might instead have to rely on your traditional download manager.

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My Final Verdict

This software is pretty handy to get file size before downloading. However, it works only in the scenario when you have the direct download link of the file. In all other cases, it would fail. The right method for such a software would have been to integrate itself with browsers, so that when you try to download something, it captures the final direct download link, and then shows the file size without actually downloading the file.

So, personally I might not use this software a lot of times.

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