Free Irrigation System Designer Software for Windows

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IrriPro is a free irrigation system designer software for Windows. It lets you to create an irrigation system plan for a small lawn or for any other piece of land. You can think of this software as CAD software to design an irrigation system. Here it offers all the tools related to irrigation. In this software, you will see a lot of tools and will be able to use them in your design. You can create a layout and then add irrigation system components like valves, pipes, sprays, joints, etc., in it. Also, the design that you create in it can be exported in variety of files formats. However, in the free version, you can only export the design as an image or DXF.

If you are about to set up a lawn near you or you are planning for a garden then will first have to take care of the irrigation part. Although, you can do that manually, but for precision and professionalism, you can draw an irrigation system design. And this software, IrriPro will help you. With the help of this software, you can decide what components of the system should be where. You can design an irrigation system and then simply export the design.

Free Irrigation System Designer Software for Windows

Using this Free Irrigation System Designer Software for Windows:

IrriPro is quite big in size and it should be. If you previously used some CAD software then you can easily use it. The workspace that it offers is very intuitive and you will find all the tools and components on its main interface. There are two modes in it to use it. The first mode is assisted where it will ask you to enter specify the parameters for your design in various steps. And the other mode is for some advanced users where you have to specify each and every thing manually.

If you have less experience with CAD software then you can use the guided method. And it will offer you a step by step wizard to configure the various options. You can choose the type of valves you want to use, row spacing, sector shape, the length, breadth of the sector, source sector distance, flow rate, discharge rate, pressure and some other technical parameters.

Here are the few steps to get started with it.

Step 1: Download and install the software and then run it. It will ask you in which mode you want to use this software. So, choose the mode according to you.

IrriPro getting started

Step 2: If you choose the beginners mode, then it will ask you to specify a few parameters. It will proceed in step by step manner. And in the process, you can specify the parameters like sector, sector shape, area, flow parameters, pressure parameters, and some others.

IrriPro wizard to specify sector details

Step 3: All the irrigation related tool like valves, pipes, nodes are on the right side of the editor. Just select any one of them and then add it on the sector that you have added to your workspace. You can also opt for other additional tools as well like zoom tool, pan, rotate, etc. And if you want to enable grids for your reference then you can do that.

Irripro WorkSpace to design the irrigation system

Step 4: Finally, when you are done with the design, you can simply export it. For exporting the design, you can use the Export option from the toolbar and then choose the file format in which you want to save the design. However, in the free version, you can’t export it to PDF. You can only export it as an image, DXF file.

IrriPro export irrigation system design

In this way, you can use this software to design an irrigation system anytime. Although, there are some more features in it that you will like but I am not an expert in irrigation science and CAD so I have just skipped that. But you can use the video tutorials, and see other documentation of the software from its homepage to learn all the details about it.

Final thoughts

After so much digging in search engines, I can only found this irrigation system designer which is free. If you are looking for a fully functional irrigation system designer software then you may give it a try. Though, some features are not available in the freeware version but you will be able to design an irrigation system easily in it and export that as an image.

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