Customize Notepad++ Toolbar Buttons with Free Notepad++ Plugin

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Customize Toolbar for Notepad++ is a free plugin for Notepad++ which allows you to customize toolbar of Notepad++.

Notepad++ has lots of features, so not all can be listed in the toolbar which results in lots of menu and sub-menus. Instead of going through menus, simply use this plugin to make the options available in the toolbar.

By using this free plugin for Notepad++ you can customize the toolbar by putting frequently used options in the toolbar or you can rearrange the locations of the buttons in the toolbar. Arranging the toolbar according to your needs saves time and increases efficiency as you can access frequently used options without going through the menus and dialog boxes. Add, delete or rearrange the toolbar buttons with Customize Toolbar for Notepad++.

Customize Notepad++ Toolbar with Customize Toolbar for Notepad++

How to install Customize Toolbar for Notepad++:

To install Customize Toolbar for Notepad++, just open up Plugin Manager from the Plugins menu. To do so go to, Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager. Now you will have the Plugin manager in front of you as shown below. In the Available tab, search for and select “Customize Toolbar” and click on the Install button. The plugin will be downloaded and installed to Notepad++ and will start working once you restart Notepad++.

How to install Customize Toolbar for Notepad++

How to customize the toolbar in Notepad++ with Customize Toolbar:

Now that this plugin is installed, you can open it up by navigating to Plugins > Customize Toolbar > Customize.

How to customize the toolbar with Customize Toolbar for Notepad++

The plugin presents you with the dialog box as seen below. From here you can remove, add or rearrange the available options in the toolbar. To rearrange, select a button and then click on the Move Up or Move Down button to adjust the location according to your need. Use the Add and Remove to modify the toolbar according to your needs.

Customize Notepad++ Toolbar dialogbox

Save time and improve efficiency by creating a custom toolbar according to your needs. Once you are done with the customization, simply click on the Close button and the changes will be reflected in the toolbar as seen below.

Customized Notepad++ Toolbar


Customize Toolbar is a simple and thoughtful plugin for Notepad++ which allows you to quickly access the options used frequently and also customize the toolbar in accordance to your needs. These changes save lots of time and effort by reducing the time you need to dig into menus or submenus. Get Customize Toolbar plugin for Notepad++ and improve your efficiency while working on Notepad++with ease.

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