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Being a working mom, trying to juggle between work and home is a major concern for a lot of women out there. I wouldn’t lie, I have had days when I almost go crazy managing the two. If you are a working mom you understand how handy some good help can be. Whether it is coming from your mom, neighbors, friends, colleagues or even professionals. Yes, you got it. Today we are talking about a website which will provide you help with finding a good babysitter, nanny or caregiver in your area.

Sittercity is an amazing website, which will provide you with qualified people with years of experience to help you out with your children. All you need to do is register with the website. You can register with the website as a parent looking for a babysitter or a person who is looking for a babysitting job.

The home page interface of the website is shown in the screenshot below.

sittercity homepage

You can either do a quick sign up using the form given on the home page on the left hand side or you can also use the sign up option at top right hand of the page. This sign up option allows you to sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account which save you some time. After you sign in, you will be shown a create your job posting page, where you can fill in the details of how many children you have, what amount are you willing to pay, if you need the babysitter regularly or occasionaly, etc. You can also skip this job page, incase you want to look around the website first.

sittercity job posting

Then the website will take you to there membership page where you can choose if you want to keep your free membership or upgrade to a paid one. The paid options are shown on the page along with there benefits and price. Go ahead choose the free one and clickt next. Now you have the option to search for babysitters. Once you click on that link you would be shown a list of all the babysitters in or near your location. You can further refine your search by various options given on the left hand side of your screen.

The website provides 5 different caregivers: babysitters, nannies, care companions, pet sitters and special needs. The people you find in each section would be qualified with years of experience in the same field. The profile of the caregivers will show there availability calendar, so you can check whether the caregiver is available on the time and date you need then on.

Now if you have enouogh time then you can go through profiles and search for a babysitter yourself. If you have a hectic schedule you can post a job mentioning your requirements and caregivers would respond to your job posting. You can see these responses in the MySittercity section, where a inbox in provided to you for all your correspondence with the caregivers.

You also get an option to add shortlisted caregivers to your favorites list. Afterwards you can also review and rate the experience you had with the caregiver, which would be helpful to others.

I found Sittercity to be a very useful website, for parents, single moms, families looking for elderly care, or even pet care. The website provides you such an easy way to search for good qualified caregivers.

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Having said that its difficult to leave your child alone with a new person, the trust and safety factor keep coming to my mind. All we can do is take proper measures at our end like talk to references given by the person we shortlisted, have a face-to-face interview, review rating given by other parents, get your kids approval, etc. These are the usual things anyone would do before letting a new person into their homes.

So, I would recommend Sittercity website to people looking for caregivers. You can easily find one in your area through this website.

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