Open Source Online Collaborative Kanban Board to Organize Tasks

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Wekan is a free and open-source online collaborative Kanban board to organize tasks. It is a Trello-like Kanban board where you will be able to collaboratively create tasks and organize them with cards. You can create unlimited private or public boards on Wekan to organize your tasks efficiently. It lets you create as many lists as you want on the Kanban boards and then add unlimited cards on each list for the tasks. To every card, you will be able to invite specific members, assign the card to different labels, add unlimited checklists, and write comments.

There are many other useful features of Wekan like you can star boards, archive boards, watch/track/mute boards, export boards as JSON files, import boards from Trello, and more. Similar to Trello, the best thing about this collaborative Kanban board is you can create unlimited boards, lists, cards, and also invite unlimited members for collaboration.

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Using this Open Source Online Collaborative Kanban Board to Organize Tasks with Cards:

To get started, browse the homepage of Wekan and then create a new account. As soon as you do that, the welcome board will open up and you will see a “+” icon at the top of the board which you can use to create new Kanban boards. When you click on the “+” icon, it will ask you to enter the name of the new board and set its privacy either as private or public. You will also see the option to import existing Trello board JSON files.

After you’re done creating a new Kanban board, it would be better if you first invite the members before you go ahead and start adding lists and cards on the board. To invite members for collaboration, simply click on the “+” button under the “Members” section visible on the right panel. Then you can enter the email ID of the members and click on the “Invite via Email” button to send an invitation. They can use the invitation link to join your board. After that, you can start collaborating with the members for creating boards, lists, cards, tasks, etc.

After inviting members to a board, you will see an “Add List” button on the empty board. You or any member can simply click on this button to add lists to the board. You can create unlimited lists and then name them anything you want. Each list will represent a separate column of the Kanban board.

Once you have added a list to the board, you will see an “Add Card” button the list. Simply, click on this button and then you can create a new card by entering a name. This way you can add unlimited cards to a single list. The cards can come in handy to create and organize tasks efficiently.

When you’re done adding a card, you can simply open it up to create the associated task. To open a card, simply click on it and then a popup window will appear. On the popup window, you will be able to assign specific members to the task, add color labels, enter task description, and most importantly add checklists. You can add as many checklists as you want with unlimited to-do items. Apart from that, you will also see an option to write comments and see all the activities related to the card on the popup window. Whatever, you can do on your boards, the invited members will also be able to do the same.

Some other features of Wekan are:

  • Star boards
  • Watch, Track, and Mute boards
  • Archive boards
  • Filter cards on a board
  • Export boards as JSON File, etc.

Closing Words:

Wekan is a very useful collaborative Kanban board which makes it very convenient for you to create and organize tasks online. Personally, I like it as it is completely free and open-source and also there is no limitations on the number of boards, lists, cards, members, etc. Go ahead and give it a try.

Try “Wekan” from here.

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