Monitor Mouse Movement In Your Absence: MouseLock

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MouseLock is a free web application that lets you monitor mouse movement in your absence. It’s a simple app that does nothing besides allowing you to lock your mouse with a secret number and sending you a mail whenever somebody tries to move it in your absence.

MouseLock works by accessing your Google account and sending mails to the same email id you provide. However, there’s no use of such an application since it doesn’t exactly “Lock” the mouse, but only monitors if it is moved once locked. It surely triggers a mail to your id telling you the time at which your mouse has been moved in your absence, but it doesn’t stop the person from unlocking the mouse and using your system behind your back.

mouselock interface

If you are still interested in knowing further about the app, go ahead and read more on MouseLock.

Monitor Mouse Movement with MouseLock:

MouseLock works in quite a simple way. You can use the link given at the end to go to the app’s page and sign in with your Google account to use MouseLock. After you sign in, you need to allow access to MouseLock to use your Google account. Once this is done, you will be taken back to the app’s page where you can choose the secret point to lock your mouse.

mouselock - select secret point

This secret point is nothing but a number between 1 to 10 that you can choose to lock your mouse with. The next step will ask you to put your mouse cursor in a slot and make a click.

mouselock - lock mouse

This will lock your mouse. Now you can easily leave your system and go wherever you want.

The very next time the mouse is moved, MouseLock will start a timer and give you few seconds to enter the secret number. MouseLock displays a bomb with a spark on its thread and you will have to enter the secret point by the time the spark reaches the bomb to make a blast.

mouselock - enter secret point

If the correct number is entered, you will get a welcome note, and if no number or wrong number is entered, the app will send a mail to your email id giving you timely alert that your system has been accessed in your absence.

mouselock - mail

Key Features of MouseLock:

  • Free web application to monitor mouse movement.
  • Simple and easy-to-use.
  • Provide email notifications.
  • That’s it! :p

The Final Verdict:

MouseLock is a simple and easy-to-use application to monitor mouse movement; however, I particularly found no use of this app. In fact, I would suggest you not to use this app and waste your time on it. The only thing I liked about the app is its simplicity and ease of work. If you have spare time and you want to check out some funky app like a flash game, you can click on the link below and check out MouseLock.

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Download MouseLock free.

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Works With: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer
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