Get Email Notification when someone replies to your comment on Hacker News

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HN Replies is a free service that can notify about the new replies that you receive on your comment on Hacker News.

Engaging in discussions on Hacker News allows you to share your insights, learn from others, and build connections within this giant tech community. However, keeping track of replies to your comments can be exhausting, especially if you’re an active participant. Fortunately, there’s a convenient solution to help you stay connected and promptly respond to new comments – HN Replies.

Using this free service, you’ll receive email notifications whenever someone responds to your comments. This way, it will ensure that you never miss meaningful conversations on Hacker News platform. Unfortunately, the notification system is not built into Hacker News yet, so this why, you will have to reply on this kind of kind of third-party services.

How to Get Email Notification when someone replies to your comment on Hacker News?

Signing up for HN Replies is a quite simple. Go to its website and input your email address on along with your Hacker News username. Afterward, a verification email will be sent to your email address. After completing the verification you’re good to go.

Hn replies Add Username and Email

After verification, HN Replies begins its watch for any new replies to your comments on Hacker News. As soon as it detects a new response, you’ll get a notification email. A typical notification looks like as shown in the screenshot below.

Hn replies in action

In this way, with HN Replies, you can take your Hacker News experience to the next level. You no longer need to open HN page again and again to check for new replies or refresh the page continuously. Instead, HN Replies does that work for you. However, I did not find any option to unsubscribe this service using an option on the web UI. For that maybe you will have to contact the administrator or the developer.


HN Replies is an amazing free service to simplify your experience on Hacker News by promptly notifying you of new replies to your comments via email. With its straightforward setup process, nearly real-time email notifications, you will never miss an opportunity to engage in constructive discussions on Hacker News threads. So, why not give HN Replies a try and enhance your interactions on Hacker News today?

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