6 Free Websites to Create Organization Chart Online

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Here are 6 free websites to create organization chart online. The best part is that most of these websites let you add photos to organization charts and you can export them as an image, PDF, etc formats. They provide free organization chart templates that let you quickly create an org chart. I have included some popular online graphics designer like Canva and some online diagram makers like Lucidchart, Cacoo, Creately, etc. These online diagram makers can be used to design professional looking org charts and other modeling diagrams like UML, Network diagrams, etc. Meanwhile, you can also check out these free websites to design activity diagram and DFD online.

create organization chart online


Canva is a free online website to design stunning graphics, social media posts, etc. If you don’t know, it also lets you create amazing org charts online. You can choose from a number of different free organization chart templates and then edit them to make an organization chart for your company. Visit the link provided above and then login with your Canva account to enter its online organization chart maker. Well, if you have used Canva before, then it will be quite easier for you to personalize the org chart template. Even if you haven’t used it before, you can still quickly get familiar with its organization chart maker to design one for yourself quickly. From the Layout section in the left panel, you can select an organization chart template. You can then personalize it by editing it from the drawing canvas. Simply, click on employee names, position, and photos to edit. You can also upload photos and add them to organization charts. Go to “UPLOADS” section to upload photos and after they are uploaded, drag and drop them on the editing canvas to add them to your org chart. If you want, you can also add text, change the background, insert different shape elements, etc. All of these actions can be performed by the different options in the left panel of its org chart maker interface. Finally, when your organization chart is designed, you can download it as PNG, JPG, PDF, etc. You can also use Canva to design certificates online.


free website to create organization chart online- draw.io

Draw.io is another fantastic website to create organization chart online. It is the only completely free website to draw an organization chart on my list. Some of the unique features of Draw.io are: you can integrate it with different cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. to save diagrams and export org chart in any file format of your choice like SVG, PNG, etc. Yes, it also provides some organization chart templates that you can use if you want to skip the manual designing steps. Visit Draw.io from the link above and then choose where you want to save the organization chart. After that, it will prompt you to select what you want to draw. You need to select Organization Chart. There are multiple templates to choose from or you can even create a blank diagram to draw from the starting. To ease my work, I chose a template and then edited it as per my organization, as shown in the screenshot above. At last, you can export the Organization Chart as JPG, PNG, SVG, etc format.


lucidchart- create organization chart online

Lucidchart is a very popular online diagram maker that can also be used to create organization chart online. Most importantly, it offers a real-time collaboration to design diagrams, that means, you can use it to create organization chart with your colleagues together. You can signup for a free plan on Lucidchart which has some limitations: can keep up to 3 active diagrams and create organization chart of up to 60 diagram elements. It also provides some org chart templates to get started. You can select any org chart template and then personalize it to create an org chart for your company. I will recommend you to create a new organization chart with a template as it will save your time from designing phase. In case you want to draw the organization chart from the beginning, you can create a blank diagram too. In that case, you will have to do all the designing part yourself. The toolbox available on the left of its online diagram editing interface will give you the access to all the required symbols which can be dragged and dropped onto its editing canvas. You can also adjust their styling properties and change their default background color, text size, color, etc. If you want to add employees photos in the organization chart then you can also upload images. Go to “Insert>>Image” option to upload photos. At last, when your organization chart is ready, you can download it as  PDF, PNG file, etc.


cacoo- create organization chart online

Cacoo is another exciting website to create Organization chart online. Just like other Organization chart makers on my list, it also provides some free templates to quickly get started. But. before that you have to create a free account on it from the link above. The free Cacoo account is quite flexible if compared to other Organization chart websites on my list as you can create an unlimited number of diagrams and add up to 15 real-time collaborators.

Getting started with this free online Organization chart maker is very easy. After you have created an account, create a new diagram from its Project Dashboard. You can choose a template or start designing in an empty canvas. In my case, I simply selected a template to ease up my work. After that, I just edited the name and position of the employees in the template. But, if you need some differently laid out Organization chart, you will have to spend some time in crafting it in its easy to use online diagram interface. The screenshot above displays its online diagram editor. It follows the same conventional design as you would have seen in other websites to create Organization chart online on my list. The process is also the same i.e. drag and drop Org chart symbols from the Stencil (on the left, by default) and use the text tool to write the name and position of the employee. After that, you can connect them together to visualize the employee hierarchy of your company. You can also import pictures and add them next to employees in the Organization chart to make it look more professional and easy to grasp.

Once all components of your Org chart are in order, you can proceed further to export it as an image file.


Create Org chart online with Gliffy

Gliffy is yet another free website to create Organization chart online. If you want to create Org chart using this free online tool, then you have to create an account on it. The free plan is quite limited as you can’t export the Organization chart as an image. In the beginning, you will get a trial period of 14 days, after which it will be automatically converted to the free plan and all your private diagrams will be turned public. The public diagrams can be viewed by any Gliffy user. Unlike some other online Organization chart designers on my list, it doesn’t provide any Org chart template and you will have to create it on your own by using its online diagram editor.

The interface of its online diagram editor is as follows: on the left, there is a symbols toolbox from where you can pick Org chart shapes and insert them to its main drawing area at the center.Use the Text tool to write employee details like name, position, and other necessary attributes. After that, you can easily connect these inserted shapes to display the organization hierarchy. The Connector tool available in its toolbox below the Menu bar can be used for this. If you want to alter the default shape style then select it and then click on the shape icon that appears. After that, you can change following properties: shape background color, border color, thickness, font properties of text in the shape, etc. In the end, you can export the designed Org chart as an image file.


Creately is the last website on my list to create Organization chart online. Well, it is not a completely free solution to draw Org chart as its free plan allows you to create just 5 public diagrams and add up to 3 real-time collaborators. I guess that might just be enough as it doesn’t put limitations on the number of elements that can be used to design a diagram including the Organization chart. You can design nicely looking Organization chart as you can also import photos and place them right next to the employees’ name and designation.

To create an Organization chart, create a new blank diagram from your Project Dashboard. You can then start working in its online diagram editor to design the Org chart. You can grab the correct symbols from the left toolbox and insert them onto its drawing canvas. The Text tool on the editor toolbar at the top can be used to write employee details and his/her position in the company. To quickly connect two elements together, select any element and then choose Connector. After that, click on another Org chart element to connect. It has also got the styling options to change the appearance of a Chart shape. Similar to others, you can choose a shape style, background color, text properties like font style, size, etc. As I mentioned, you can upload photos and place them right next to an employee.

Finally, when your Organization chart is completely designed, you can export it as an image file from the Export option at the top.


In this article, you came to know about 6 free websites to create organization chart online. I will recommend you to check out Canva, Draw.io, and Cacoo.

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