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Every wondered what ingredients go into making of that cream that softens your hands or moisturizes your skin. There are so many cosmetics of different brands that we use to take care of our skin, hair, etc. And all of them have a long list of ingredients which we hardly understand or care for. We do glance over the ingredients every now and then, but it feels like reading another language, as the name of the ingredients are so difficult to read or pronounce. Its like they walked of right from a chemistry book onto the cream tube or box. Well if you really want to know what ingredients are being used in the products that you are using for your skin care, then you are in luck. We found a website which will list all the ingredients of a product that you are using and also lets you know if they are good or bad for the skin.

The website called “INCIDecoder” tells you in a very simple language if the ingredient being used in your cream is good or bad. The website will list all the ingredients in the cream you select and give you a detailed report on what the ingredient is and whether it is good or bad for your skin.

When you open the website, you are greeted with a page like the one shown in the above screenshot. On this page you can search for a product that you use, by typing it out in the search box. If the website has that product in its database then a detailed ingredients list will be shown to you. The website is fairly new and they are still building on their database. So in case you do not find the product you are looking for, then you can leave your email address on the website and once any updates are made to the website, you will be notified.

The website home page has three sections the first one is the search option which you saw in the screenshot above. Where you can directly search for a product that you are looking for. The second section is the products section. The screenshot below shows the products section.

In this section you will see the list of all the products in the websites database. The list is arranged alphabetically, so you can browse through it easily and check out the ingredients of some popular brands.

The third section on the homepage is ingredients. The screenshot of this page can be seen below.

This section lists the commonly found ingredients in cosmetics and a detailed description of them. The list of ingredients can be browsed and you can check out some of the ingredients which you find in the products that you are using. The website tells you if the ingredient is good or bad for your skin. It also tells you what the ingredient does and how it works.

How this website works?

Search or select a product you want to know the ingredients of. As soon as you select a product, the product page will open up. In this page you will see a list of all the ingredients in that product, as displayed in the screenshot below.

Below this section is the list of ingredients explained in detail. The list is divided into two tabs one is ingredients explained and the second tab is ingredients by function. The screenshot below displays this ingredients tabs.

You would be given a good or bad label right next to the name of the ingredient. Along with that you will get a detailed description of the content of that ingredient and its origin. You can scroll through the entire list, and see each and every ingredient.


The website database is quite good, but you still may not find some products in there. But remember it is a fairly new website and they are still in the process of updating it. So the product you are looking for will be available eventually. But the good part is that now you can know which ingredients are being used in which skincare product. You can also decide whether it is good for you or you need to change the product that you are using.

Check out the website INCIDecoder here.

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