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Let me introduce you to MOSH, a free online Glitch GIF Maker. Using this tool, you can create animated GIF with glitch effect very easily. Not just one or two, this tool provides many glitch effects that you can add to your GIF. There are two ways in which you can create animated glitch GIF. You can either glitch an image to create GIF, or you can use your webcam to record video as animated GIF and glitch it in real time. All the glitch effects provided here come with adjustable parameters. And, every effect is different from each other. So, let us explore this tool and know how to add glitch effect to GIF using it.

As I said, there are two ways to add glitch effect to GIF. Let us first discuss both the methods, then we will checkout the glitch effects, and how to apply them.

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How To Create Glitched GIF from Image using MOSH

Here, you can use an existing image from your PC to create glitched animated GIF. From the homepage of MOSH, click on Use Image File to load a picture from your PC.

As soon as you load an image from your PC, it will appear with random glitch effect. By default, MOSH is set to image glitcher mode. The first thing to do is, Toggle to animated GIF mode from the button displayed above. We will talk about recording glitched animated GIF and glitch effects later.

How To Create Glitched GIF from Webcam using MOSH

To create glitched animate GIF from Webcam, click on the Use Webcam option from the homepage of this glitch GIF maker. Toggle to animated GIF mode if it is in Image Glitcher mode from the top left corner of screen. You will be ready to create glitched GIF.

How To Create Glitched Animated GIF Using this Animated Glitch GIF Maker

Once you are ready with your image or webcam, you can apply various glitch effects.

The best way to apply glitch effect to GIF is by clicking the Mosh button. Every time you click it, a random animated glitch effect is applied. You can also use the Spacebar on your keyboard to switch between random glitch effects. As you switch to an effect, you can change effect parameters as well.

The glitch effect parameters are different for different effects. You can adjust the parameters using respective sliders. If you want, you can even activate multiple glitch effects. Once you are satisfied with the glitch effect, you can begin recording glitched GIF. Click on the Record button to begin recording the short animated GIF. The animated GIF is of 3 seconds. The glitched GIF is downloaded automatically.

Closing Words

MOSH is a very interesting web application. Apart from its use as an animated glitch GIF maker, you can also use it as an Image Glitcher. The effects provided are awesome and will let you create stunning glitched GIFs.

Create animated glitcged GIF here using MOSH.

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