Convert Excel, JSON Files to PostgreSQL Database Free: Dropbase

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Dropbase is an online tool that allows you to convert a given Excel or JSON file to a PostgreSQL database. Not only that but it can even expose the given Excel or JSON file to a rest endpoint that you can query by making simple API calls. In the free plan, you are given three project and one hosted database that it creates for and you can have up to 100000 rows in it. After taking a file from you, it even allows you to transform the data first in order to push it into the database. After converting your file to an online database, it just gives you the credentials that you can use to connect to your database any PostgreSQL editor software.

If you want to host an Excel file array JSON file as an API or an SQL database then Dropbase is a very good tool to do that. You can host a simple database with any kind of data in just few minutes. You just have to sign up for a free account of and then just get it started. This is simple and on the web interface of Dropbase, you can even visualize the database that you’ve just created. The entire process is very straight forward. And apart from uploading files from your computer, you can even automatically fetch them from an URL.

convert excel json to PostgreSQL database

How to Convert Excel, JSON Files to PostgreSQL Database for Free:

Getting started with drop base is very simple. You just go to the main homepage of the tool from here and simply sign up for a free account. After that, you can just start creating your project and then do whatever you want. The dashboard of the tool is very simple and you can see all the projects that you have created there.

dropbase dashboard

The very first thing that you have to do is upload an Excel or JSON file from your PC. Just drag and drop the files on its interface and when it uploads it, just proceed to the next section.

dropbase upload file

Now, if you want to apply some transformation function to your data, then here you can do that. Some of the most common type of transformation functions are available here. But in case, you want to have a custom transformation function then you can have that.

dropbase tranformation fucntions

Finally, you have to export the uploaded files to a database. Initially, there is no database so you will have to create the one automatically. Specify the name of the table and then just hit the “Load to Database” button and you are done.

Dropbase convert Excel to database

Now it’s time to connect to the database. You can use any SQL editor software to connect to the PostgreSQL database that you have just created. Go to the database action on the website and copy down the credentials from there. Enter them in the SQL editor software and then start doing whatever you want to do with the data.

dropbase in action

That is it. This is how you can easily convert an Excel or JSON file to a hosted PostgreSQL database for free. In this particular post, I have used an Excel file but you can also upload CSV and JSON file to have the same results. And the entire process to converting those files to an online database is same. Also, in the database section you can check the rest API URL that it creates for you and you can use that if you want to. But for that you will have to generate API key first, so just keep that in mind.

Final words:

If you have some CSV or JSON file that you want to convert to a database then you are at the right place. Just use the tool that I have mentioned here to get it done in just few seconds. All you need is a free account and I really liked the way it works. You can use it anytime you want but keep the limits of the free plan in mind. If you have requirements more than that it offers in free plan then you can always switch to a premium one.

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