iPad Matching Game to Match Same Colored Jellies: JELLIES!

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JELLIES! is a free iPad matching game to match same colored jellies and catch them. It’s a fast paced iPad matching game in which you have only 60 seconds to match maximum number of jellies. This game is not like typical 3 same color matching games. You can even match two jellies of same color in this game to catch them. The game includes different types of jellies including the Disco Jelly.

Each of the jelly caught by you is collected which you can redeem for power-ups. You have 3 types of power-ups in the game which let you catch even more jellies in less amount of time. The game is really entertaining and addictive along with nice background sound. Apart from just catching jellies, you have different missions and achievements to unlock as you will go through the game. It also has multiplayer mode for playing with real players.


Gameplay of this iPad Matching Game to Match Same Colored Jellies:

The gameplay of this really entertaining and addictive iPad matching game revolves around Bob the fisherman. He is resting on his boat in the middle of an ocean when suddenly his hands slip into ocean water. As his hands slip, some of the wicked jellies comes there and they bite away all his fingers. Now, your goal is to bring back all the fingers from those jellies by catching them.

Bob the Fisherman

As you will play the game, you have to match the same colored jellies to catch them. You can also match two jellies if they have the same color. You have to try to match maximum number of jellies to get maximum points and thus creating combos. You have only 60 seconds to catch maximum jellies.

Match Same Colored Jellies

There are different tricks also available to gain some extra points. For example, you can match same colored jellies in such a way that they surround other jellies. The surrounded jellies can also be of different color than the jellies which are surrounding. You earn extra points for doing this trick. Similarly, there are 3 types of power-ups for you to use while playing the game. Each of the power-up has its own specialty.

Surround Jellies

At the end of the 60 seconds, you will see your score along with high score.


You can also track your progress in the game using the colorful map shown in screenshot posted below.

Different Stage of Game

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Final Verdict:

JELLIES! is a very addictive and entertaining iPad matching game to match same colored jellies. I really enjoyed playing this game. The game is really colorful with humorous background sound and voices. The game is definitely worth playing.

Get JELLIES! here.

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Works With: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
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