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FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad is a free iPhone private browser app which lets you browse internet without storing anything. The app doesn’t keep a record of anything browsed by you. As soon as you minimize the app, it will start a new session next time when you will use this app. It means that there is no chance that anyone else can know about your browsing history.

Other than this, the app has no tool bars and options to distract you while surfing the web pages which ultimately enhances the viewing experience by 13% (according to developers). The app provides you with only the option of adding bookmarks and nothing else.

The best thing about the app is that its quite similar to default Safari browser which meant that you don’t have to spend lot of time in learning to use this new browser. I felt no difference while using both the browsers except for the feature of private browsing. Lets see how this browser works and what it has to offer?

iPhone Private Browser

Browsing Internet Using This iPhone Private Browser:

The very first thing that I would like to tell you is that this app is pretty light weight. The app is only 0.4 MB in size, so it won’t take lot of storage space. The app is exactly similar to Safari browser in terms of its interface except for the bottom tool bar which is absent from this app.

Simply enter the URL of webpage which you want to surf and start surfing the internet as long as you want to surf. For the time being you are using the internet, the app will keep record of pages visited by you although there is no way of accessing it. This record is kept only for helping you to go back to pages visited by you earlier. When you have surfed the internet, just minimize the app and it will clear all the data.

Just when you will exit the app, the app will delete all the history, cookies, and cache stored by the browser. Since there are no cookies, cache, and even history, so there is no chance that any one around you will come to know about what you were browsing.

iPhone Private Browser Homepage

When you launch the app, you will see the home screen of the app with an address bar and a default search engine. You can use the address bar to browse any website. In case, you want to search anything on internet then you don’t need to open any search engine. The app has its default search engine powered by and Google. You can choose anyone according to your preference. There are no buttons or options to change the search engine preference from the app’s home screen. If you want to change it then you need to go to your iPhone’s main Settings option and then to Browser icon. From here, you can choose the preferred search engine of your choice.

Chnaging Default Search Engine

You can also see that there is an option at the left side of address bar. This option is for saving any web page to Bookmarks. To save any web page, first open that page and then tap on this option. You will find the option called Add Bookmarks. Tap on it to save the webpage to your bookmarks list. This is the only storing options in this iPhone private browser app. Other than this, the app doesn’t store anything be it cookies, cache, or browsing history. The app maintains privacy to such level that app always opens to its home screen even when you have minimized the app. So it means that suppose you are surfing any website but suddenly you need to minimize the app for switching to some other app then the app will open to its home screen when you will launch the app next time.

The other interesting feature of this iPhone browser app is that it also provides you 13% more viewing area for browsing as compared to other browsers. You can extend the viewing area by hiding the address bar present at the top. To hide the address bar, push the address bar towards to the top by swiping through your finger. Next time, when you feel that you need the address bar again swipe from top to bottom and it will become visible again.

Hiding Address Bar To Enhance Viewing Experience

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Final Verdict:

FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad is a very good iPhone private browser app. I really liked the app very much. If you are looking for an app which can help you in surfing the net safely without letting anyone to have a sneak peek into your browsing history then you should go for this one. Also, the ability to hide the status bar adds to the browsing experience. The only minor drawback of the app is that you can’t open multiple tabs. Other than this app is really good to have.

Get FREE Full Screen Private Browsing for iPhone & iPad here.

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