5 Best Websites To Convert KML to SHP Online

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This article covers 5 Best Websites to Convert KML to SHP Online. A KML file is a Google Earth file format. It contains geographical data which includes placemarks, paths, polygons, etc. Whereas, SHP (Shapefile) is a geospatial vector data format for geographic information system (GIS) software. Shapefile is used to spatially describe vector features, like points, lines, and polygons, etc.

The polygons in the shapefile can contain more than one part which helps in representing overlap and disjunct. By converting a KML file to shapefile, you can easily view your data from a KML in software like ArcView GIS.

Here are some best websites to view KML files online and show them on the map. Also, check out these free websites to convert GPX file to KML file.

Here Are Best Websites To Convert KML To SHP Online:


Zonums provides free software tools related to Google Earth, CAD, Excel, Remote Sensing, Hydraulics, and more. Here, you can find various map-related tools, such as GE-Census Explorer, Excel to Google Earth, Google Earth to Shapefile, GE-Extent, etc.

Using Google Earth to shapefile tool, you can easily convert KML to SHP. This tool obtains the XML data by processing the KML file and then, you can export it to shapefile (SHP). This converter has a size limit of 7.8 MB for input KML file.

kml to shp

Upload your KML file in the online converter and click Process KML to convert KML data to XML. You can select which shapes you want to export to Shapefile. Or, you can convert a shape type from your KML file to other specific shapes for the final SHP. Furthermore, you can select the projection type, zone, and hemisphere to add more details to the shapefile.

When you are okay with all the options and settings, click Export SHP and it will download all shapefile data in a zip file to your computer. While downloading, you can also get an option to view your shapefile on the map. This online Google Earth to Shapefile converter only supports one file at a time i.e. no bulk conversion is supported here.

Convert your KML to SHP with Zonums here.


GeoConverter is an online converter where you can convert various geographic data file formats. You can easily convert KML to SHP here. To do so, first, upload your KML file to the converter; you can also load files from URLs as well. Then, select the ESRI Shapefile as Export format and click Run to start the conversion. Here, you can also specify distance tolerance, Source, and Target EPSG numbers, if you want that sort of things in your shapefile.

convert kml to shp online

You can convert multiple files in a single conversion. During my testing, I didn’t find any file size limit or conversion limit here. I added more than 200 KML files, and it converted them very easily and rapidly without any sort of warning or error.

Give it a shot here.


If you are looking for just a simple KML to Shapefile converter and do not want to get confused in various settings and options, then, MyGeoData is the one for you. You can input multiple files at once and convert them to include in a single Shapefile.

To convert KML to Shapefile, go to the MyGeoData KML to SHP converter and upload your file there. In the next step, it will list all the layers from your KML file(s). Here, you can remove any layer that you do not want in the Shapefile. Then, set the output format to ESRI Shapefile (shp) and click Convert Now to convert and download the shapefile.

online kml to shp converter

On MyGeoData, you can convert 5 MB of files or 3 datasets per month. After that, you need to subscribe to their paid plans to use this conversion tool, which will also give you access to their conversion API.

Check it out here.


GISConvert is another simple KML to SHP converter in this list. This converter is based on open source components. It only supports one file at a time. You get a 200 MB size limit on your files here.online kml to shapefile converter

Instead of showing different shape selection options like Zonums converter, it moved that selection to the output format. It breaks the converted SHP file into the following three options: Shapefile POLYLINE, Shapefile POINT, and Shapefile POLYGON. If you want to include all shapes, select Shapefile POLYLINE in the output format, otherwise select whatever you need.

Just upload your KML file, select desired output format, and click Convert File. It will convert your KML file to Shapefile and the converted file will be downloaded to your computer.

Give it a try here.


Ogre is a web client for generating shapefiles online. You can convert KML to SHP in this tool, which involves 2 steps. The first step is to convert KML data to GeoJSON by uploading your KML file. And, in the second step, you can convert that GeoJSON to shapefile.

convert kml to shapefile online

This KML to Shapefile converter has some limitations. First, the GeoJSON only supports one layer. And Second, the shapefiles can only support one geometry type. Except that, it works well. You can also specify Source and Target SRS, and name your shapefiles before downloading them.

You can rest it out here.

Final Verdict

All these websites with online KML to SHP converter are pretty good and work very well. Using these, you can easily convert Google Earth KML file to ESRI Shapefiles. Zonums and GeoConverter are my personal favorites as one lets you select the shapes to export and other can convert in batch. Give all of these a try and tell us which one(s) you like and why.

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