How To Know If You Are Bipolar Using These Am I Bipolar Quiz Websites

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Do you often think, “Am I Bipolar“, but you are not sure? In this article, I will tell you how to know if you are bipolar. To do so, I will introduce you to some of the best online bipolar test websites. These websites will ask you certain questions related to bipolar disorder. Based on your responses, these tools will tell if you may have bipolar disorder or not. Along with the result, you will also get some suggestions according to your response. These Am I Bipolar test websites can be really helpful for those who are not sure if they have bipolar disorder.

Let us checkout these online bipolar test websites one at a time and see how they are different from each other. This will help you select one to check your bipolar disorder.

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Here Are The Best Am I Bipolar Quiz Websites:

Bipolar Test Online

This Bipolar Test Online from Clinical Partners is an online bipolar test based on Goldberg Bipolar Spectrum Screening Test. It asks you 12 different questions, which you will have to respond on a scale of Not at all to Quite a lot. When you submit your responses, you will get the result immediately. In the result, it shows your score, and a couple of advice that you should follow. You also get a phone number where you can call to talk about your disorder.

Check it out here.

Bipolar Disorder Test

Bipolar Disorder Test from Psycom is another good online test to check if you have bipolar disorder. It again asks you 12 questions that are related to bipolar disorder. These 12 questions are different from the online test mentioned above. You will have to answer the questions on a scale of Not at all to Very much.

You get the result on a scale. If the scale is more inclined towards red, then there is a high probability of you having bipolar disorder. If the scale is inclined towards green, then the probability is low. Below the scale, you will get a couple of advice if you should contact a psychiatrist or not.

Give this test a try here.

Bipolar Test

Bipolar Test from Mental Health America has a set of 17 questions to screen you for bipolar disorder. This Do I Have Bipolar Disorder Quiz asks you these questions, and records your replies in Yes or No. After you complete the questionnaire, you are asked to enter few information about yourself. Along with regular info, like age, gender, etc. you will also need to answer if you have other health conditions.

Your responses are evaluated and this online bipolar disorder test scores you. Based on your score, you get advice and suggestions about what you should do.

Take this test here.

What’s My M3

The online bipolar test on What’s My M3 asks you 27 questions to screen if you have bipolar disorder. These questions are divided into 3 sections. These questions are based on your happiness, sadness, sleep pattern, anxiety, concentration, energy, and more. You will have to answer these questions by selecting any of the 5 given scales.

The result pops up with the action you should take. If you show strong symptoms, it will raise a red flag and also provide a helpline.

Check it out here.

Bipolar Disorder Self Test

Bipolar Disorder Self Test first asks you three questions and if you answer Yes for all, you proceed to the main questionnaire. The main section consists of 27 more questions. You will need to answer these questions on the scale of “not more than usual”, “somewhat more than usual”, and “much more than usual”.

This test gives score just like some of the above mentioned tools. Along with the score, you will also view some suggestions regarding your condition.

Give it a try here.

Closing Words

Although these Do I Have Bipolar Disorder quiz websites do not provide accurate result, but their predictions can be close to accurate based on your answers.

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