10 Free Online Image Enlarger Websites

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In this blog post, you will read about 10 free online image enlarger websites. There are many websites available on the internet for increasing image size. But most of them seem to spoil the quality of an image.

Hence, in this article, I am reviewing those websites that help you to enlarge images without losing its image quality. These online image enlarger platforms are free and easy to use. All you have to upload the image and set the dimensions by percentage.

A few of these websites automatically enlarge the image whereas others let you enter the custom size for the image. You can then save the result of the enlarged image on your computer/laptop. So let’s quickly have a look and know about these websites to enlarge images.

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1. ImageEnlarger.com

online image enlarger

ImageEnlarger.com is a free website where you can enlarge images easily. The site helps you to upscale small images preventing its quality. On this website, you can select the preferred upscale version and get the result of an enlarged image.

Here, you just need to upload the image from your computer. You can directly add the image URL if available. The maximum size of the image you can upload is 5 MB. The supported file formats are JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF. Also, the maximum dimensions you can add is 4100×4100.

In order to enlarge images, firstly, you will have to define dimensions. You can select the output format from the drop-down. Then, you can add the zoom factor, height, and width or you can leave these columns. After this, you can hit the start button.

The website provides the result in different filters such as Bspline, Lanczos3, Bell, Triangle, Bicubic, and Mitchell. You can click on the image to save it on your computer.

2. Photo Enlarger

online image enlarger

Photo Enlarger is another platform to enlarge images online. This is free to tool that you can use to upscale your images. The site provides different outputs of enlarged images in which you can pick one.

Firstly, you can browse the image on your computer. Once you import the image, you will get an option to select the enlargement factor. With the help of the slider, you can adjust the scale, width, and height. Once you do so, you can click on Enlarge.

Thereafter, you will get the four different enlargement photos. You can check them out and pick the best one to download. If you want to crop the photo, you can do it right here on the website and save the photo.

3. ImageResizer.com

online image enlarger

ImageResizer.com is an online image enlarger. Using this website, you can make your smaller photos bigger without spoiling the image resolution.

In order to enlarge images, you need to first drop the image. Once the image is uploaded, you can enter the dimensions. By using the slider, you can adjust the dimensions either by percentage or entering custom height and width.

Below you will also see the size of the original image and the new enlarged image size. Then, you can click on the Enlarge Image button to see your image results. You can then download the image in JPG format.

Apart from this, the website lets you convert the image to PNG, PDF, and compress the image while saving it on your computer.

4. AI Image Enlarger

online image enlarger

AI Image Enlarger can also be used to enlarge images quickly. As the name suggests, the website uses machine learning and AI technology to enlarge your images.

First, you will have to select a picture from your computer. The maximum image file you can add is 5 MB. The supported file formats are JPG, PNG, JPEG. For the dimensions, you can add less than 1200×1200 (width+height).

If you log in on the website, it lets you upload the image with 2000×2000 size. After you add the image, you will have options to select such as Artwork, Face, Photo, High-Grade. For the image, you can scale up to 2x, 4x, or 8x. Once you are done setting your preference, you can click on Start. After that, you can download the image on your computer.

5. Webupon.com

online image enlarger

Webupon.com is an online service where you can enlarge images for free. This is a simple image enlarger that works smoothly and provides the output in seconds.

When you visit the website, it shows image enlarger on the left. you can upload your image here that you want to enlarge. Thereafter, you can enter the custom width and height. Don’t forget to click on Force Resize Now button as this will show the result on the right.

If you want to stretch your image, you can use the available suggestions, e.g., 1600×1600, 1200×280, etc. Besides that, you can make your photo larger by percentage. The website shows all the changes in real-time on the right. Once you feel satisfied with the result, you can save the image on your computer.

6. ResizeFile.com

online image enlarger

ResizeFile.com is a free website that you can use as an online image enlarger. This is a simple website where you can access multiple services. Here, you can use image resizer, resize an image by KB, image compressor, convert image to PDF, and more.

In order to enlarge images, you can browse the image from your computer. You can add 20 images maximum at the same time to enlarge. After this, you can select image dimensions and then resize it. Once done, you can download the output.

7. Bigjpg.com

online image enlarger

Bigjpg.com is another online image enlarger on the list. This particular website offers you amazing features, for example, you can add the file with a size of 10 MB and resolution with 3000x3000px.

But if you sign up for the website, you can access more features. After signing up, you can the result faster and stable. Moreover, you can add 500 images per month in the basic plan. You can upload up to 10 MB. Besides that, you can enlarge multiple images and make your images 16x enlarge.

After you can upload the image, you can click on Start. This will show you options to set configuration. You can set the image type, set upscaling and noise reduction. Once you are done setting your preferences, you can start enlarging your images and download the result of enlarged images.

8. Deep Image

online image enlarger

Deep Image is a free website where you can enlarge the images easily. The site is not completely free to use. You can upload 5 images to make them enlarge without spoiling its quality.

After you upload the image, you can upscale image by 2x, 3x, or 4x. Also, you can set the art craft as strong or light. Thereafter, you can enhance the image and save the image on your computer.

9. PIXizer

online image enlarger

PIXizer is an online image enlarger that you can use easily to enlarge images. Here you just need to choose a file from your computer. You can then set your preference to enlarge the images. You can set the image quality from high to low.

Then, you can set the image size from 10% to 75%. Or, you can choose the standard size with the help of dropdown. Besides that, the website lets you do advanced options, for example, you can enter a custom size for the image and image quality. After that, you can preview the image and download the result of the enlarged image.

10. ImageUpscaler

online image enlarger

ImageUpscaler is a free platform where you can quickly enlarge images. This online image enlarger is simple to use. Here, you just have to upload an image from your computer. Then, you can click on the Upscale Image button to enlarge.

After that, you will find the result with the original and the new enlarged image. You can see the comparison and save the image on your desktop.

In brief

If you are looking for online image enlarger platforms, the above-mentioned websites can help you a lot. Here, I have added these 10 online services where you can easily enlarge images 10x more. Besides that, you get numerous features like convert images into other formats and more.

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