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Story AI is a free AI application for your mobile phones that lets you read and listen to stories. And not just any stories, stories generated by AI.

It is surprising to see how AI is getting so advanced day by day. From generating answers and images to now even generating stories. For all those who would like to read something off-beat, here is Story AI. It also lets us know how an AI thinks and what pattern does it uses in its thinking. Imagine whatever you are reading is the vision and thought of an AI. There are many different features about which we will talk further in this article.

How to get this application?

  • Click here and open the Google Play page from where you can download this application for free.

This application works only on your mobile phones.

  • Just add your name, add your profile picture if you want.

Then you will see a list of genres and stories among which you can select your desired genre or the story directly. You cannot just read the stories but can also listen to them. This can be an advantage for those who have some visual or reading disability.

Are there any limitations?

Talking about this application, it is important to point out the limitations that I found in it.

  • First of all, there is a very limited number of books and genres in it. So, not everyone can find the ones of their desired taste. But it is obvious that more AI generated books will be added in the future.

  • There is an issue with the audio option. When you start it, the speed of the audio is a bit fast and it might get unclear for some people. Also, you cannot pause or stop the audio in between until you completely close the application.
  • There are a lot of ads that can disturb you in between using this app and to get rid of those you need to buy its premium.


To summarize, Story AI is a really interesting app that lets you read and listen to stories generated by AI. There are many different books and genres available. The audio option is really helpful for those who have some reading problem. It is free to use but you might often get disturbed by the constant ads on it. You need to buy its premium to remove them.

In my opinion, I really liked this application. I love to read stories and it is so interesting to read something that is not written by humans. Yes, the ads disturb me a bit but obviously, I am not going to buy its premium for such a small thing.

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