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Delhi Metro Rail is the official Delhi Metro app for Android which provides detailed information related to Delhi Metro. The app provides you with details about routes between stations, information about any station, nearest Metro station, tour guide, Metro museum, Lost and Found. Each of these section has further various options which makes it easier for you to know anything about Delhi Metro. The app provides each and every detail about Delhi Metro, like first and last train timings, platforms, gates and directions, contact numbers, tourist spots, parking lots, feeder services, availability of lifts, and escalators.

Apart from these, the app provides information regarding DMRC helpline, Metro lines, tokens and smart cards, instructions for commuters, general information of Delhi, facilities for differently abled persons, and even surf DMRC website from within the app.

Delhi Metro Rail App Homepage

Using Official Delhi Metro App for Android:

When you launch the official Delhi Metro app for Android, you will be welcomed by the official Delhi Metro mascot girl. Just after it, you will see the home screen of the app. The home screen of the app has following options: Route Between Stations, Station Information, Nearest Metro Stations, Tour Guide, Metro Museum, Lost and Found, and Other Info.

Find Route Between Delhi Metro Stations:

To find route between metro stations, use “Route between Stations” option. This option helps you find the Metro route between any two Metro stations. On this screen, you will see two text box and a list of all the Metro stations. You can enter the name of station by manually entering the name, or simply tapping on the name from the list. The app also displays suggestions if you enter the name manually. After entering name of both stations, tap on Route option to get the route.

Route Between Stations

For the selected route, app displays total distance between the metro stations, number of metro stations in the route, total fare, travel time between two stations, and number of Metro interchange required. The app also displays complete route with all stations being displayed. You can also tap on any station to get detailed information about it (I will explain it in next section). Apart from simple Metro Route, you can also go for MetroMap and GoogleMap.

Station Information:

Use this option to get detailed information about any Metro Station. Just tap on the name of the particular Metro station to get the information. You can check  first and last train timings, number of platforms, gates and directions, contact numbers, tourist spots, parking, feeder services, etc.. You need to tap on particular option to know about it.

Station Information

Find Nearest Delhi Metro Station Around You:

This app provides you with a list of all the Metro location located nearest to your location (via GPS) or any specific address (manually). Use “Nearest Metro Station” option for that. All the nearest stations are displayed with approx. distance from location entered by you. The app lets you set the criteria for finding nearest Metro station by specifying the distance range: 1km, 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km, or 25km.  The distance is set to 5km by default.

Nearest Metro Station

Tour Guide:

This section has following options: What to See, Where to stay, Cuisine trail, and Cultural Centers. All these options are under development right now, except for the What to see option. Under this option, there are different tourist places of Delhi. Tap on anyone to know about it in detail like: Nearest Metro stations, address, and description.

What to See

Metro Museum:

This section tells about Metro Museum like timings, curator services, souvenir shop, and other information.

Lost and Found:

Check details about Lost and Found department from here.

Other Info:

This section tells about different other information regarding Delhi Metro like DMRC helpline, network information, token  and smart cards, instruction for commuters, railway stations, DMRC website, and much more.

Other Info

Final Verdict:

The official Delhi Metro app for Android is really awesome app to know anything about Delhi Metro. This app is like a mini search engine in your hand. You can have any query about Delhi Metro and this app is capable of answering most of them. So if you are in Delhi and thinking of riding the Delhi Metro, then make sure you get this app.

Get Delhi Metro Rail here.

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