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Foreca Weather, is a free Windows 8 weather app. It’s a simple location-based Windows 8 weather app, and is quite useful in knowing the weather forecast of your city, as well as the other locations. It’s a handy app, especially at times when you are to go on a trip to another city, and also knowing the 5 to 6 days weather forecast, so that you can make preparations accordingly.

The app is one good Windows 8 weather app that gives the weather forecast of 10 days, and tells how the weather is going to be, and shows an animated rain and cloud weather maps of the locations based on different time intervals (that is hours). Using this app you can find the weather information of any city around the world, and then add them into your favorites, so that you can see all the added cities’ current day live weather forecast in one single screen.

Foreca Weather - weather forecast

Knowing weather forecast of your city and other locations using this Windows 8 Weather app:

There’s no doubt that the app is useful. Like I mentioned above, there are situations when it’s good to stay updated with the weather forecast. The app is some what correct in giving the weather forecast. There are some good things in the app. It gives 10 days weather forecast. Out of which you can see more detailed information on the forecast of 5 days. This includes a graph that shows how the weather in a location is going to be in current day and next coming 4 days; whether it’ll be cloudy, or sunny, rainy, or partially cloudy etc. The graph also shows the fall or raise in the temperature along with the changes in wind speed in those 5 days. A pretty cool thing about this graph is all the information shown in it are not just directly based on days, rather each single day’s forecast is divided into 3 parts: 1AM to 7AM, 7AM to 1PM, and 1PM to 7PM. Therefore, using this graph you can get more detailed weather forecast.

Foreca Weather - weather garph

The 10 days forecast, actually gives a short weather forecast of 10 days; just giving only the requisite details, that covers maximum and minimum temperatures in °F and how the climate is going to be on those days.

The Weather Maps is one cool feature of this Windows 8 weather app. It shows two maps that are actually animated and show the changes in the clouds formation and temperature changes in the selected location on random hour basis.

Foreca Weather - rain map

Another good thing in the app is it gives the weather forecast of any location around the world. The app can automatically detect your location and give the weather forecasts of your location. You can also search for any desired location in the world by using the search option present in the app.

Foreca Weather - search

You can use zip codes or city names to search and then get the weather forecasts. The app’s search option does work good, especially when searched with city name. It does gives relevant results. Once you have the location in the screen, you can also add them to your favorites so that you can quickly see their weather forecast.

Foreca Weather - favorites

All you have to do is simply click on the Star button present besides the temperature, and the location gets added in Favorites.

Here are some other good Windows 8 weather apps: WeatherBug and Vieather.

Key features of this Windows 8 weather app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 weather app.
  • Get 10 days weather forecasts of any location in the world.
  • Provides search option within the app and gives relevant results.
  • See two animating weather maps.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Good UI design.

Final note:

Foreca Weather is a good option to choose as Windows 8 weather app. It’s functional and uses internet to work. The UI of the app is well-made, and the graph and two maps are sufficient enough to get the proper idea of how weather is going to be. Also, the feature to see multiple locations weather forecast in one single screen is a good trait for the app. Although, I wished that it had live tiles showing live weather forecast in the Start Screen. Still it pretty much does its job. All in all, good app to try.

Get Foreca Weather here.

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