Free Vulnerability Scanner: Local Area Security Audit Tool

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Local Area Security Audit Tool is a free vulnerability scanner available for Windows that scans your system and network for security lapses. This is a portable application that has a simple GUI with only a scan button and a checklist of locations that you can scan for security irregularities. It detects faulty security toggles, saved passwords, vulnerable databases, sensitive data etc. This vulnerability scanner also audits your WiFi and network for penetration points. After analyzing all the security flaws, Local Area Security Tool generates a penetration testing report at the end that lists all the security flaws in your system.


Let’s get a better perspective on Local Area Security Tool.

How to Scan Your Computer for Vulnerabilities Using Local Area Security Audit Tool

Launch the Local Area Security Tool executable to start the scanning your system for security vulnerabilities, sensitive data and a local area network audit. On the interface you’ll get a checklist of the locations and elements you want to scan. Make sure all of them are checked if you want a proper screening of your system. Click on Start to start scanning. The scanning will take some time and at the end a vulnerability report will be generated.

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The vulnerability report is the key to cover the unsecure spots in your system and network. The report shows 4 color coded levels of vulnerabilities. The red code is the most critical of all and must be dealt with immediately. Don’t bother much about the green ones. Infact don’t bother unless it’s a code orange or red.


When I scanned my system I got mostly blue and green marked vulnerabilities. This means my system is safe to a great extent. Local Area Security Tool pinpoints the nature of the vulnerability. These were mostly about database files with sensitive information, write access of files outside user profile, unsigned executables outside a standard location, etc. An unsigned executable outside a location where it should be found might be a virus. I analyzed all of those spots and found them to be clean.

The Verdict

Local Area Security Audit Tool is a really simple and easy to use portable vulnerability scanner. However it lacks a lot when it comes to analyzing the security of a system. I had hoped it would scan all the exploit-vulnerable open ports in my system that most of the vulnerability scanners these days offer. But, to my surprise it doesn’t do that deeply. I also hoped for a mechanism to fill up the security holes apart from generating a security report. Its security analysis report however scans vulnerable locations and files effectively and marks them irrespective if it is dangerous. After assessing the pros and cons of this free vulnerability scanner, I award it 4.2 stars for its in depth scans and accurate vulnerability predictions.

Get Local Area Security Audit Tool here.

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