Get Virtual Pointer Stick In Place Of Mouse Cursor with PointerStick

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PointerStick is a free simple tool that displays a pointer stick instead of mouse cursor on your desktop. It modifies the mouse arrow to appear as a virtual pointer stick. PointerStick is used for presentations to highlight content and to emphasize important details.

PointerStick is a tool found in multi-languages. PointerStick is a very small application and it enables you to adjust the size of the pointer. Alpha-transparency can be configured. It is ideal for large screens and Projectors.

Download and Install: PointerStick

PointerStick can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this article, which will be around 487.9 KB in size. You can download the ZIP package and extract that to a folder of your choice. Just double-click the PointerStick.exe file, Run and it is ready to use.

How To Use PointerStick?

pointerstick settings

As you begin with PointerStick you can check the settings that are involved in adjusting the size of the stick and its transparency. If you don’t like the texture of the pointer you can change its color with various options provided by the application. When you are working on your computer and you don’t want this PointerStick to appear, you are allowed to check the settings that’ll enable you to Show/Hide the stick. The options provided are mouse triple click, Ctrl+Alt+Y and Ctrl+Alt+Z, you can check all or any one or two among three, that you are comfortable with. Not only that you can also click manually to Show or Hide the Stick.

pointerstick example

PointerStick is compatible with Windows. It gives you a neat experience to demonstrate and enhance your presentation. It allows you to emphasize on the matter of the presentation without searching for the mouse cursor and losing the flow of concentration.

Key Features For PointerStick:

pointerstick pie chart

  • It is portable
  • Low CPU utilization; light weight
  • It is Multilingual
  • Size of the Pointer Stick is adjustable
  • Several Stick Textures
  • Alpha-transparency can also be configured
  • Provides several Pointer-Stick textures
  • Optional deactivation by mouse or by keys of keyboard
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Easy and neat demonstration

My Verdict For PointerStick:

pointerstick alphabets

PointerStick is a very simple and easy to use application used to modify the mouse arrow into a pointer stick. I have seen many software to change mouse cursor but this is the first time I’ve come across such a neat and easy to use PointerStick. Every feature of this application can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement. You can use both mouse cursor and the stick or either option just by using the shortcuts or triple click the mouse. Isn’t it easy!

It may cause inconvenience sometimes as no shortcut icon is available on desktop, so you have to go to the folder in which you have extracted the file and Run it every time. This is the only issue with this tool. Even then, I found it to be a very handy tool. My husband uses it for his presentations and I use a star stick texture (pointer stick) to teach my kids using a projector that attract my children and helps to emphasize on the matter. As I found it useful I would also suggest you to have a look and you can grab the same from here.

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Works With: Windows
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