Free DVD Burning Software: DVD Author Plus

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DVD Author Plus is a free DVD burning software that helps you to backup all your valuable data, pictures, music files or movies. This easy to use software comes with a drag and drop feature which enables you to create DVDs with ease. So, with this free DVD burner, you have the option to create new DVD discs, create backups or even create ISO images. There are hosts of other features which come along with this software making it easy to write data and burn new discs.

Installing Free DVD Burning Software

The process of downloading this free DVD burner is pretty easy as compared to any similar software which you might have used in the past. Just visit the link here and click on the download link to have the setup file on your system. Further you need to run the setup process and rest would be taken care by step by step guideline of the free DVD burning software. If you are interested to check out some more CD/DVD burning software, you can try MC Burner, CBurner and Megamind Writer.

Interface of DVD Author Plus

After you have this free DVD burning software installed on your system, the next step is to launch the program and start using it on your computer. The interface is quite intuitive and cool to look at with a bluish feel to it. Basically the main window of this free DVD burner has all the options in the same layout. Divided into 4 parts the compact feel of the software clearly lists down all you need to do to proceed and write files/backup files from the window itself. The feature of Drag and Drop makes the operation much easier while complementing the way the software has been made to add functionality to the user.

Using Free DVD Burning Software

When you have a closer look to the software you would easily understand what to do and how to proceed to use this software. The first option is of DVD video where you can drag and drop video files from other folders or by browsing them from the explorer provided on the left of the main screen. Select the files you wish to be included, write the name you wish to assign to the disc on the right side of the window, and click on next to proceed. Its as simple as that, the process of writing the DVDs would be initiated and you need not do anything more.

Similarly the other tabs are there namely:

  1. Burn Data
  2. Burn Image
  3. Make Image
  4. Copy Discs
  5. Erase a Disc
  6. Eject the Disc
  7. Disc Info
  8. Drive Info
  9. Settings
  10. Help
  11. Launch

With the first three options you could write the data/image/ or other things as stated against each. Whereby the other options above provide you the flexibility to edit, delete, copy data already present on the disc.

All of these functions need to be run in the similar way as explained in the DVD video writing above. You just need to browse and drag the respective files on the space provided. Name the Discs and press the next button. The rest of the process would be taken care automatically by the software where upon completion the software would notify you. Moreover the time while you drag the files at the bottom of the main window shows the occupied spaces and the space that remains on the disc to be used. The speed of writing and burning images is quite fast where it performs a much better task than other similar software. Moreover DVD Author plus is a great software which could help you write, create backups, create ISO images, etc. with ease.

By clicking on the settings you could configure the general as well as the option to burn the video as well as the data with the software. The drive info and disc info provides the details of the particular drive you wish to use or back up and the disc on which you are backing up the files respectively. Now that you know all about DVD Author Plus, you can use this freeware to burn DVDs and store your important data onto DVDs.

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Works With: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 / 2003
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