Megamind Writer: Easy to Use Free CD DVD Burning Software

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Megamind writer is a free, easy to use and fast CD/DVD burning application. This free CD/DVD burner is ideal for backing up files or creating your own music. ISO files are also easily backed up and thus safe from corruption.

This free DVD burner is without all the unnecessary bells and whistles some other free DVD burner applications confuse users with. Simple is always best and the makers of Megamind Writer have done just that.

Everything is needed to burn disks perfectly. If you were to burn a copy of another CD both CDs would be identical. The program consists of a strong, dependable writing engine with an array of burning features and options. The interface of this free DVD burner is easily navigated and the aforementioned options are easily selected and activated. Also check out other best free DVD burner, free ISO Burner, and free Blu-Ray burner.

If you are looking for a CD burner or a DVD burner, then this particular free application will not disappoint you. As mentioned above, burning a back up disk of ISO files is also, not only an option, but recommended. One can also use Megamind Writer to back up other programs on your computer or perhaps creating your own ‘boot disk’.

Megamind Writer

Let’s look at some of the features of this free Megamind Writer:

  • Users are able to create customized data.
  • Able to control and manipulate rewriteable and multi-session disks.
  • The recording of disk images and photos.
  • Copy from CD to CD or DVD to DVD.
  • Create audio and mixed CDs.
  • Open and edit previously saved projects.
  • The storing of large amounts of data on dual-layer DVDs.
  • Make direct disk copies.
  • Saves and encodes all audio and data disks.
  • Able to erase DVDRW and CDRW disks.
  • Able to burn ISO files and other disk images.
  • Will read and save all audio data regardless of format.

Clearly this free DVD/CD burner is one of the best free applications on the Internet. The above features prove that the engineers and designers of this free application certainly knew what the consumer wanted and thus provided the goods. Indeed downloading and taking advantage of Megamind Writer’s array of options is definitely something every computer owner should do; the back up feature alone is one reason. Download Megamind Writer here.

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