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iWeb2Shot is a free plugin for Firefox and Google Chrome for converting a web page to a high resolution snapshot. Web pages can be converted to formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc. These high resolution snapshots can be used as background images for your desktop or can be shared via email. iWeb2Shot is available as an extension in Chrome web store and as Firefox add-on.

Some features of this snapshot plugin:

  • It helps to convert webpage to high resolution image snapshot.
  • It provides a bookmarklet that enables to convert webpage to image directly from your web browser.
  • It supports the images like PNG, GIF, JPG, TIF, BMP, PPM, PGM.
  • It sets the image to custom wallpaper or actual size.
  • No registration is required.
  • It is a plugin for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • It saves cool websites as images.

How to use this snapshot plugin:

It is very easy to use the iWeb2Shot to take the screenshots of web pages. There are two ways to use for taking snapshots. One way is adding a button to your browsers bookmark bar, and another way is to enter the url of the webpage on the website. Lets check out steps of each method:

  • On the page, there is “Save as Image” button, which you have to drag and drop in your browsers bookmark bar.
  • Now, any page you visit, just click the button and a snapshot will be downloaded to your default downloads folder.

  • In case you want to customize the size and format of the snapshot, then type the URL address in the address box given on the website.
  • Then set the resolution type you want to use.
  • Next choose that image format you desire.
  • Click on the convert button.
  • Almost immediately you will see the web page snapshot available for download.

iWeb2Shot makes our work easier, and we can easily take snapshots of any web page. This way you can even save webpages and refer to them later or share them with friends via email.

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Works With: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Free/Paid: Free

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