How to Disable Annotations on All YouTube Videos

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This tutorial explains how to disable annotations on all YouTube videos in Google Chrome.

I’m pretty sure most of us hate that irritating clickable text content (annotations) which comes over the YouTube videos. Although YouTube comes with the built-in option to turn off the annotations (by accessing Settings or gear icon) for a video, but annotations are turned on automatically when you start watching another YouTube video.

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to disable annotations on YouTube. One method involves changing some Settings in your Google account while the other method uses a simple extension. I find the method using the extension much easier and better, as it lets me enable and disable annotations in just 2 clicks.

Let’s go through both the methods.

automatically disable annotations on all YouTube videos

We have also reviewed other free Chrome extensions to control YouTube playback.

How to Disable Annotations in YouTube videos using Google Account Settings:

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open YouTube and click on your Profile icon. Now access YouTube settings page of your account.

click on YouTube settings icon

Step 2: After accessing your YouTube account settings page, go to Playback section.

access Playback section

Step 3: Under this section, you need to disable Show annotations, channel promotions……. option.

disable the Show annotation option and save the changes

Step 4: Save the changes. From the next time, annotations will remain disabled for any YouTube video you play.

When you need to enable annotations for any reason, you can repeat step 1 to 3 and select the Show annotations option, and Save the changes.

How To Disable Annotations on All YouTube Videos using This ImprovedTube Chrome Extension?

This method is easier and best for all users who like to watch YouTube videos using Chrome browser. There is a free Chrome extension, ImprovedTube, which lets you turn off (or hide) annotations on YouTube videos in just two mouse clicks. You can also revert the setting back to the normal mode in two mouse clicks.

You can follow these steps to turn off annotations on all YouTube videos using this extension:

Step 1: Tap on this link to jump to the homepage of this extension and install it.

Step 2: Now open YouTube. If you have already opened YouTube in a tab, then you need to refresh the tab. After this, you will find the icon of this extension in the address bar (just before bookmark icon). Click that icon and multiple options will be visible to you in a pop-up.

set Hidden option for Annotations

Step 3: Use Annotations option and set it to Hidden mode. After this, whenever you will refresh the tab or open new YouTube videos, annotations will remain hidden.

Step 4: When you have to re-enable the annotations, you can use its icon and set it to normal mode.

Other Features available in this free ImprovedTube Chrome extension are:

There are some other interesting options also available in this Chrome extension. You can use any option and refresh the tab to successfully apply the changes. Available options are:

  • Change the size of the player.
  • Set the video quality.
  • Disable video auto play option.
  • Set volume to a specific level.
  • Manage playback speed, etc.

So which of these two methods you guys are going to try or already using to disable annotations on YouTube videos? For me, the second method is best as disabling/enabling the annotations on all YouTube videos is made so simple by this extension. Multiple other options are also available to tweak some default settings and enjoy playing YouTube videos with new changes.

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