Free Ping Monitor Software with Email Alerts, Monitor Multiple Hosts

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Ping Monster is a free ping monitor software with email alerts. The software lets you add multiple hosts in it and then it starts pinging them at a fixed interval set by you. It keeps pinging the servers and if it finds that a server is not responding, then it send an email alert to you. You can specify after how many failed ping attempts it should wait before sending an email. Also, not only email alerts, but it can also set other alerts like, sound and HTTP post. Apart from getting, sound, email alerts, you can also opt to write to a log file.

Ping Monster comes as a portable software, means you can also run it from a flash drive and carry it wherever you go. The interface of the software is very simple. You can add as many hosts you want and you can either enter the IP address of the host or its name.

Free Ping Monitor Software with Email Alerts, Monitor Multiple Hosts

Like many ping software out there, this software is quite unique from them. This software takes the ping operation to a whole new level by adding the functionality of reporting unresponsive hosts via email alerts.

How to use this free Ping Monitoring Software to get Email alerts?

Ping Monster is a very simple software which lets you monitor ping operation for single or multiple hosts. You will get email notifications after it fails to get a response from a specific host after a specified number of times. In the email alert, you will see the name of the host which is not responding to the ping operation. And after getting the email alerts, you can take necessary actions.

Here are steps to use Ping Monster freeware to get email alerts:

Step 1: Grab the portable EXE file of Ping Monster from this URL. After that, run the software. Its interface should look like this.

ping monster interface

Step 2: Click on the Config button to open the configuration window. From the configuration window, you can specify various parameters like:

  • Host names along with some description: This section is at the beginning of the Config window. Here you can specify the list of hosts along with their names and description.
  • Interval between successive pings: You can define the time in seconds to instruct it to ping
  • Number of pings to trigger the alerts: Here you specify the number of unsuccessful pings to before sending the email alerts.
  • Configure Email parameters: There is a section in the Configuration window, where you can define SMTP settings for email. You can specify the SMTP port, host, username, password etc., here.

pingmonster configuration

Step 3: After all set, you can return back to the main window by clicking on the Back button. It will start pinging the hosts that you have specified in it. And if a host fails to respond after a certain number of times, then you will get an email alert for that.

ping monster in action

This is how you can easily use this ping monitor software with email alerts. The software works very well and help you get email alerts if an unresponsive host encountered.

Closing Words:

Ping Monster is a very good ping monitor software with email alerts. I have used various ping software, but I like Ping Monitor’s feature to send email alerts to indicate failed ping on a specific host. It is quite useful for network admins, as they can get alerts for a bad host when they are away.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 26 Average: 3]
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