5 Free Pomodoro Timer Software for Windows 10

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Here is a list of 5 free Pomodoro timer software for Windows 10.

You must have heard about the popular and really effective time management technique, known as Pomodoro Technique. These software are also based on that technique to help you easily finish a task without putting burden or pressure on yourself. The traditional technique is used to divide a task into 25 minutes intervals and short breaks. But these software provide you some flexibility.

Using any of these software, you will be able to set custom time intervals (known as Pomodoros), short and long breaks. So, it will be on your hand how much time you need to complete a task in.

Let’s have a look at these free Pomodoro timer software one by one.



PomoDone is my favorite Pomodoro timer software and there is a very strong reason for it. This software comes with a minimal interface and lets you integrate with Wunderlist, Basecamp, Evernote, Trello, and other notes and task management applications. So along with managing the new tasks, you can complete your pending tasks of these applications with the help of PomoDone.

To use this software, you need to sign up for a free account. After this, you can add new tasks, integrate other applications to import tasks, and set number of breaks, work times, time length, etc.

The full review is here.


Tomighty software

Tomighty comes with a very tiny interface using which you can set Pomodoro length, short and long break length. A pop-up is open for each individual Pomodoro, short, and long break. Each individual pop-up has a different color to easily distinguish between Pomodoro and breaks.

When you have set up everything, minimize it to run in system tray. When the Pomodoro timer is over, it will show a message to take a short or long break. You can also interrupt any Pomodoro as well as the break when not needed.

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Flowkeeper has a simple interface, but features are really good. You can add tasks on its interface and set number of Pomodoros for each individual task. Pomodoro length and break length can be set by you easily. After this, you can start the Pomodoro for the very first task and so on.

One unique feature comes with it is that you can view the statistics for the present day. That means, you can check the average Pomodoros taken by you, planned, unplanned, completed Pomodoros, etc.

Here is the full review.

Free Tabata Timer

Free Tabata Timer- interface

Free Tabata Timer has a beautiful interface and few extra options to manage your work. You can first set the work time, prepare time for the break, break time, the number of tabatas (Pomodoros), and the number of cycles for work and the rest time.

This software doesn’t provide any pop-up when rest time is started or next Pomodoro is started. You have to restore its interface to check the rest time or work time.

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Pomodoro Timer (Homepage)

Pomodoro Timer Settings window

Pomodoro Timer (beta) is the simplest software in this entire list and doesn’t have any interface. You can only open its Settings window to set Pomodoro duration, enable ticking sound, set the break duration, etc. You can also set if you want to enable time counter or not.

When you have done everything, close settings, and software will run in the tray. After this, you can right-click its icon to Start the Pomodoro. You can also interrupt and resume the Pomodoro.


No matter which software you use from this list. One thing is sure that you will see the improvement in your task management and task completion process. All are really good Pomodoro timer software, but my favorite is PomoDone for sure.

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