How To Batch Convert Multipage PDF To Multipage TIFF Files

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This tutorial explains how to batch convert multipage PDF to multipage TIFF files. I am using a software, named as “pdf2TIFF“, which is specially made for this purpose. The software is very easy to use and can convert multiple multipage PDF files to multipage TIF (or TIFF) files. You just need to select the source and destination folders and start the processing.

This software has two navigation panes: one is to select the input PDF folder and the second is to set the output folder. This is what you have to do and then you can start processing the pages of input PDF files one by one. It processes every single page and all the content (text, images, etc.) available in that page and generates the output TIFF file.


In the screenshot above, you can see input PDFs and output TIF files. The size of output files can be different than original PDF files.

How To Batch Convert Multipage PDF To Multipage TIFF Files?

Step 1: pdf2TIFF is a portable application. Give a tap on this link to open its homepage and download that portable file.

Step 2: There are four main sections of its interface. The upper two sections are used to select the source folder and destination folder. It can be done using the navigation panes. It is really a good feature and convenient also. You don’t have to first open a window and search for the folder for processing. The navigation panes make it very easy to find the folders.

select source and destination folders

Step 3: The bottom two sections are used to show the list of PDF files available in the source folder and page processing. The bottom left section will show the PDF files and the bottom right section will show the thumbnail of the page which is processing at that time.

list of input pdfs and currently processing page

Step 4: Press the process button and one by one all the pages will be processed of the first PDF file. Then, it will automatically start the processing for the next PDF file.

When all the PDFs are processed, you can open the output folder and view the TIFF files. If you don’t have any TIFF viewer, then you may try any of these free TIFF viewer applications reviewed by us.

The Verdict:

pdf2TIFF is an excellent software when you have to batch convert multipage PDF to multipage TIFF. The interface is pretty simple and easy to configure. Also, the processing part is very clear as you will be able to see which page is currently in progress. In a matter of few mouse clicks, your output files will be ready and then you can share them or use them for personal use.

Get this software.

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  1. Irfanview makes this very easy–simply “save as TIFF”. Only issue is the HUGH file that is produced. Without compression, about 60 times as large. With compression, ‘only’ about 10 times as large. This is consistent with my 30 years of end-user use of TIFF files.

    • Hi Joe, you are absolutely right. IrfanView supports batch conversion for PDF and other files. However, it is showing me error every time I’m trying to convert PDF files to TIF. Maybe there’s some issue.

      • It seems I overlooked the BATCH part of this. Sorry I can’t help with that. I have no experience with batch conversion. I experimented with converting individual pdf’s to multi-page TIFF’s because I could not view thumbnails or preview pdf’s in Windows Explorer under 64-bit Windows 7. [This is apparantly Adobe’s fault and they have shown no effort to fix it.] I can’t live with the huge files, so I’ve been looking elsewhere for a workaround.

        Good luck. If I get the chance, I’ll play with the batch conversion.

        • That’s not a problem Joe. You shared with us and that was a good find. If you find something else, feel free to share anytime.

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